Raid log details

am i seeing things right? did they fix the hp bars of toons in the inbox/raid log/details? how long did it take exactly? i missed that one.

I didn’t check but if they did fix it no worries they will bust it again as soon as the next update rolls out. :smirk:

Easy to miss if you don’t read the whole post


i wouldnt miss it if it would be called by name. calling it not accurate is an understatement…

btw. just cause its there doesnt mean its fixed. thats why i was amazed. maim is still not working and its on that list. but i see youre a funny guy.

Maim was working prior to the update, What was on the list was killing the last enemy with morgan’s active skill was causing freezing, which has been fixed. IN turn, that fix for that specific action has caused a bug to appear with all maim issues of not applying the actual damage

So maim was working as intended before the update.

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nothing like getting nik up and running to realize the maim trol team is bugged

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