Raid Legues - New ways to use old toons


People are frustrated and there’s been a lot of anguish over the introduction of six stars. People have spent lots of money on toons as well over time and it’s a shame for that to feel lost.

I think an excellent way to keep value for old fives, four stars, even threes would be to introduce leagues for raiding. This could be straight up based on stars or by combined team value. I’ve suggested before we should have roadmaps or wars with a limited team ie 4 star war but why not extend that to raid. Thoughts people?


if it could be voted on by each factions leadership, with majority wins/deciding on what * grade event will be limited to, that could work


Exactly. Institute certain roadmaps or tournament types where only 3, 4 and 5 star toons are usable in the format and make them relevant for something.


5s and below yes would be interesting. Would validate holding toons that will likely never be ascended. More like 7s would come out in 2 years time than all 5s getting the ascension treatment.

Limiting to 4s and below, I would not recommend as I do not want to hold space to retain variety for keeping these toons. They have one use, fodder.


Think it would work best running alongside other leagues so you don’t have to choose. Might have to work harder to get the points but if lower level peeps still wanna go for it they can


Thinking we’d need that long overdue increase in roster limits to make this viable…