Raid: Is this logic? (Food MIN and Bot)


Hi All,

I am currently playing in the CATOOSA (FR) region and from what I know, this is a rather active region.

I want to know if the ratio of getting ‘INTERESTING’ raid dropped lately.

What I mean by interesting is a raid where we face an ‘real life opponent’ that has more foods than the MINIMUM (lvl 125, 18k).

It seem like I am getting a good opponent with more than the MIN FOODS once every 30-40 times. It doesnt make any sense in my mind. We all know that Ghosting is a thing, but my region has over 1000 actives players. I do not believe there is not a single player that isnt ghosting right?

I am the only one who notice a significant drop in raid with good food reward?


I always spend down my food. Even when not trying to ghost, I make replenishes. I think the limit is 10% or so of your total capacity, but could be wrong. Especially when you know you are going to get revenged, no reason to give them food for their efforts.


I understand your point, but while there may well be 1000 active accounts in your region that also means there are 1000 other people trying to raid & putting people into a 2 hour cooldown.

Regardless of the size of the region, there is always an equal amount carrying out raids.

I don’t think ghosting is really the problem, my food is always close to zero but my materials much higher, I get raided but the majority of my raids are against bot teams because so many people are in that 2 hour cooldown period.


Similar to above, just because you’re region has 1,000+ players, these things stop you from finding them:

  • Ghosting
  • 2 hour cool down
  • online at the moment, more true during a raid tourney cause everyone is raiding, probably at the same time as you since you’re probably doing it during active hours
  • Not a similar ‘power level’, so you’re not fighting newbies