Raid is not working

I often experience combatants in raid like the opposing team under debilliating effect like impair or confuse can still make a rush. Even though it is clearly visible on their head of characters sign the effects of debilliating regardless of having mod resistance. How you explain this?

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Probably focus which allows them to ignore taunt and confuse.

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Mia still uses her rush when stunned so sometimes it’s a bug.

As @Jim_Mac said, focus will bypass taunt/confuse. To expand, a toon with focus can also get taunted or confused. When this happens, both the taunt/confuse symbol and focus will show above them, in an alternating pattern. They can still rush. This is by design and not a bug.

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Ty for your feedback. Like you say focus can bypass debilliating effects. But far i knew focus is a rush effect not special skill. To bypass debilliating first you execute rush with focus not directly have effect to single or other team mates. Whatever it is bugs or not raid no more fun for me.

Christa gives focus to herself with her active skill.

As always, I ask if you see a combat bug, please capture it on video. I’ve had dozens of videos submitted to me where the player claimed combat was bugged because a confused or taunted toon still rushed. In nearly every case, it was focus.


Thank You for feedback. Yeah, next time this happen i post video for this.

It is a bug when toons have the taunt / impair sign over their head and yet can use rush due of focus. They should change this sign nonsense, it makes people assume they’re taunted / impaired while they are not!

It’s not a bug. Toons with multiple status effects will show all the effects in turn. Just like they can be both stunned and confused, both symbols will show, alternating.

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