Raid fights are now 3 min long!

What is going on? The raid fights limited to 3 min. I now lose most of the battles I did win comfortably 2 days ago. Is it feature or a bug?

I am so very surprised nobody else complains.

Huh? Raid fights always had a 3m cap, and why would you want a raid to last longer?

I thought they had a 5 min cap? Hahaha. Well then, last 3 years has been a lie haha


Is there a difference between standard raid time cap & war raid time cap, and could this be a confusion between the two?

Either way, 3 minutes is plenty of time imo.


We remember @CombatDevIl

Come back @CombatDevIl, you were, ya know, useful & stuff.


the raid times are somewhat different … i have been in battles before (CRW) where im on an endless loop with there 3 revivers and shield etc lasted well over 5 minutes … i left the screen and came back then to fight same guy with my decap aplha, kill 3 of their toons with decap within a minute then have the timer pop up …

ok firstly it never been 3 min. Last raid event (a week ago) at wasn’t for sure. and never before.
secondly if you don’t want to fight longer than 3 min - flee.

the reason for asking this question is in the original post.

30s per fight …

Think there was talk of upping it to 5mins coz so many timeout teams but who wants to spend 30mins using 6 raid energy if u can’t beat em in a minute you probli shudnt raid em lol

Might take us regular jabronies that long but top teams blowing out teams in seconds damn near

Honestly they should be longer with the bonus hp it’s becoming impossible to win a fight sometimes

… Just no have u seen 3x speed button and try giving ur attack toons bonus attack rather than Def an HP
I never timeout a battle and I run 3 accounts all varying strengths you should be dieing or killing them otherwise u need to go back to the drawing board with ur attack teams…

How is hitting the auto button and watching the computer do all the work any fun? Seriously.

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And what stops u just letting it timeout every time someone kills u down to one toon…

Lol, despite the Scopely employee stating that it’s always been 3 min, I’m gonna disagree cause I’m definitely right


I had timed raids and territory battles at 5 mins last week, after I noticed onslaught battles seemed to end quicker. The onslaught battles were only 3 mins.

Survival Club members will have a raid timer of 5 minutes and an exclusive x10 speed setting to deal with the current 2 shield, 3 revive, bonus HP up the wazoo meta.

Sweet! Is this in the $24.99 base package or is it in the ultra-deluxe at $49.99 or is it in the mega whale one at $99.99 per month? Thanks. :smirk:

$99.99 deluxe whale package! Ohhhhh that sounds shiney.