Raid Ending Within First 5 Seconds

It’s the third time this has happened within the last 2 days, and it’s slightly infuriating.

It’s always about the same. Start raid -> Use 2 or 3 toons -> “TIME OUT” …

Anyone else getting this?


This has been a glitch for such a long time (1+ years) and not sure how or why it happens but it hasn’t been fixed. It doesn’t happen to me at the frequency you’re having but every once in a while it does


I haven’t had it happen to me at all. Is this bug region based?

I imagine it would be connection based. Any chance of getting a video of the issue?

I believe the response from customer service was something along the lines of; please wait for your game to load at town screen for 15 minutes, so the game can catch up. It also mentioned that if this doesn’t work, then wait another 15 minutes for it to load in the roadmap screen… There was a previous thread about this issue.

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It happens if you switch between apps or put your phone to screensaver and then return to the app after a while (without closing and reopening it).

My wild guess would be you attack an opponent whose „will find a new player in: xx:xx:xx“ ran out in the mean time. When the app realizes by reconnecting with the server that this timer ran out (which might be in the middle of the battle) than this „time ran out“ happens.

It is a real pain though bc there is no way to protect yourselve from it.


ah, good theory. Will test against that. Thanks.

Others have said before that you can avoid this happening by using food to skip the first person that shows up when you open up the raid screen.

lol in my time of playing since june 2016 Ive had this happen at least 200 times


Well I wasn’t able to reproduce the issue, but a bug’s been logged to prevent this from being possible.

when you raid you hit “find opponent”. as soon as you are matched you’ll see at the top “will find a new player in” and then the countdown. you have that amount of time to raid or skip that player before it finds you a new match. if you close out raids then go back within a couple of minutes you will see the same match but the countdown has continued without you. now you have less time to raid that match

You know when you log in, or come back to the app after a time, you"re at your town and then all of a sudden you get your daily rewards, updated missions, things like that? That’s exactly what happens when you raid and the time runs out. It runs out because like other have said, you enter a raid, then the game catches up. I’ve seen it on scav missions and at the end of events. You see the event still on your screen but it has no time left on the clock. Your game catches up then BAM, you get your rewards. If you’re smart/fast you can see it quite easily. Somehow I doubt it will ever be fixed, on a live game you always need that first connection/update time otherwise the game would need a connection 24/7

Time out only happens to me now when I forget to let the game catch up.

That’s not the way that timer works. That timer does not affect the time that combat lasts for.

Things can be done to mitigate issues that occur because of that, like this bug.

One good thing about this bug, when I get a notification for raids, then go into my game, if I’m quick enough I can use all my food before the raid pop-up gets there and essentially not lose any food to raids…

This is an old bug, I remember reporting it around a year and a half ago.

Hahaha, i love doing this.