Raid Drops for upcoming solo raid please


Scopely please give us bonus drops for the upcoming solo raid like Red plastic parts or lucille tokens and dont give us such shitty prizes…


Yeah ! Same drop chance like in 0map. 10-500 will be great ! :slight_smile: Or maybe better 25-100, and 1-10 lucille tokens.


you can expect the response to be similar.


Sorry, Scopley doesn’t just give out handouts to those players who didn’t earn or work for them. Farm the roadmap every Thursday to get the plastic pieces.


Great idea. Which definitely means it isn’t going to happen. Expect another dull tourney with crapy rewards :-1:


No roadmap but you can buy 5 raid cans, a 2* trainer, a grenade, tear gas vial, and 10k food offer for $50


@kalishane Please make this happen