Raid drops best way for s class pete and priya

i gotta say, thanks to scopely for the raid drops. so far ive been averaging one blue key or ice cream drop per 1.5-2 refils. cheapest way to get pete and priya, compared to all those promo and sale crates.

hope they keep it going for other s-class toons also, saves us from having to pull promos


U mean the boxes we gettin?


Must be a ‘good glitch’ on your end, I haven’t gotten any blue keys and ic cones yet, not even one. Those occasional pink and blue crates are full of yin bs


Same here. Absolutely nada.

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Also @Numba1stunna, are you being sarcastic? I can’t really tell because for 1 key every 1.75 refills, that’s 1.75x11000= 19250 cans to be used to earn a Pete. Or 19250x6 = 115,500 raids. Or (if an average raid takes 1 minute) 11 weeks, 3 days and 5 hours of solid (only raiding) gameplay, with no time to eat, drink, sleep, wash, brush your teeth or go to the toilet.

Unless of course you are talking about 100 keys every 1.75 cans which I find exceptionally hard to believe since I’ve raided a huge amount all day and recieved nothing. For that you would need 1.75x110x2 (I forgot to add the fact that you are getting 2 different collectables above so double the previous paragraphs maths) = 385 cans, or 2310 raids. So let’s go with 1 minute again (I’m being generous since that includes loading and concluding times and is assuming that you aren’t using your gained food and wood)…
2310 is 38.5 hours straight with absolutely no break as stated previously.

The drop rate is ridiculous (and that’s the drop rate you are claiming to be receiving which is significantly higher than anybody else I’ve heard from) .


Yes i gotten ice creams so far but the drops are there it’s better than spendin

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Yeah, I think I’ll just stick with my 24 keys / day from the road map.


Weird, I’ve gotten absolutely 0 keys/ice cream cones from all my crates.

Is this a troll thread?


Must be trolling. Dude already had priya and pete so no reason to even chase then down with tons of refills. Stunner gonna be the one keeping this game going for all of us by then end of it. Over 4k a month for new toons takes a very special kind of person. You would think millionaires have better things to do with thier time then this game lmao.


you must be lucky as I have burnt through 25 cans and only got 100 keys and no cones


nope not one here too, must be one of the “privileged” accounts Stunna has since he is a mega whale. My assumption though is the dude probably buys his stuff off VK, no sane person can drop 1000 of dollars each month on this game.


No keys or cones

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I got 2 crates yesterday & haven’t gotten any since. How exactly are we supposed to do the event when you constantly put a roadblock up for everything in the game?

Why say thanks to Scopely since the drop odds are absolutely random (you can raid 6 and got nothing just like I did today) and even if you get the boxes the chances of getting the S Class itens are laughable low (as usual)

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Damn why you did this if we gonna have faction raid tomorrow??

Ive only opened around 8 crates and every single one has been 50 tokens…thats enough for me to know which direction this is heading in😒

It’s not that bad, assuming you get the minimum everytime, you just need to open 200 boxes. That’s pretty doable in a month.

bit bored had 100 cans as havent been using them lately nothing to compete for and wanted to get a good idea of drop rate

Think best to wait for a raid tourney, then it might give you a better idea of drop rate. So far i just been using natural regen and nada

I’m at about 35 cans now (winning every raid) crates drop alot but the s class items not so much up to 300 keys and no cones still