Raid cans should be


10 per can, with a decreased refill timer. 45 minutes is stupidly long.


give this man a reward


One word. No.


Not surprised somebody with that profile pic doesn’t know what a good idea is.


If you cant see how bad this would be, you should change your profile pic to Ray Charles.


Yes can’t wait to have to do double the raids for same prizes…


Yeah so do you realize the Sheild time will be longer because since your getting energy every 10 minutes they can make the Sheild go up to 3-4 hours


I’ve never really understood the idea behind solo raid events.

WOW you came 1st? (or otherwise very high)
So you literally have nothing better to do with your life, time and money than buy 200+ refills and then spend the entire duration of the raid playing the game? (not even sleeping)

What a champ!

That 5 star/ epic gear/ epic trainer must be the envy of your neighborhood!

I wish my life priorities were as point blank retarded as yours …


False if you have a good attack team you can auto bots while doing something else



you still need to be active non-stop and have to stockpile refills to the point that you have to buy every single one that crosses your path and hope to Doge that nobody has 10 more than you


False again boy many f2p players have over 50-200 cans


did you just assume my gender?


I identify as a world can


Having a good attack team doesn’t mean anything. It means you can beat teams, great. But auto(ing) all bots or people is not something you can do with a good attack team.


Salty? (Nuff said)


Bots are mainly easy and raids just take up to 1min or so depending if your attack team sucks or not


Agree, however this should only be during raid tournaments. Similar to survival road, double the cap, 1/3rd the time.

Sheilds can stay the same. We fight team copies (bots) 90% of the time anyways.


Raids can take more than 1 minute depending on the opposite team. 3 magnas and 2 Erikas usually means it’s gonna either time you out, make you lose, or take a lot longer than 1 minute. Also bots are copies of player’s teams, if they’re easy to beat then the bots are too.


Most bots I fight are C teams so must be a region thing then


It’s players throughout your region. If they have C teams up, you’ll face C teams