Raid cans or bags where?

Non TOC regions get no raid can offers or bags? Just send that to all regions jfc we don’t need the war offers when we aren’t even participating in any wars.


Exactly, war cans don’t work for our raid event, I mean I know we aint toc special or anything but dang

2 offers in a row for war cans :-/ Let’s hope that in 20 mins we get a raid offer

Nope :-/ They clearly only focused on TOC

They probably want people to buy this “epic” offer :roll_eyes: what a load of crap.

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I think you need to buy it now if you want war cans because last war there weren’t any war offers.

I really don’t know why scopely don’t understand they’d make more money if they sold things when people needed them.

This issue has been raised to the team.

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Now that the raid tourney is over, you’re gonna get us some raid cans to buy? Gee thanks :joy:

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Well understand why this happened in the 1st place and to avoid a recurrence in the future :slight_smile:

Fair enough. That would be appreciated :+1:

Thank you

Can we get some weekly roadmaps that give said cans?!
Or at least new scavenger missions that allow us to stock up on some cans.
To be fair, I hit all my milestones in the last few months in every raid event, and now I have ZERO cans.
War cans are the same problem. Using 10-15 cans in a war, and getting 2 or 3 dropped isn’t gonna get me/us anywhere. It would be much appreciated…
The 1 can we get in certain roadmaps now and then and the 5 you buy (if lucky) once every 2 weeks, or if unlucky, every 3 weeks, doesn’t get us anywhere. If an F2P player wants to play the game and be competitive, at least, he can’t as he doesn’t have the means necessary…
A response would be much appreciated, GR.
Thanks in advance.

1.99 monthly pass mine is 8.99

Yet another reason NOT to spend on this game.

Pretty sure this occurred during the previous TOC weekend as well. Thanks for nothing I guess.

Lol I didn’t even notice that. Maybe
it cause that account is only 137 days old

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