Raid bugs unable to find decent match

During raids I’m noticing that I am no longer able to get team info. Sometimes it does still but mostly not. Unable to find out if team is same grade as you. Next to that there is a bug in matchmaking as well, as I find myself running into the same persons. Not a good tournament for this way. Cause I’m spending food for nothing. Please fix this.

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Some matches are against bots. Can’t get team info against bots. But matchmaking does seem to be becoming more and more flawed.

They use bots on raids?? Wow that was not expected. Thanks for replying. Yeah matchmaking for raids is flawed.

Also they us a lot of bots then. Been seeing those loads. Lol

Aall bot teams are based on actual teams.

Still bots shouldn’t be a part of raids. There is more then enough players to raid. Also why not see team information it makes no sense. I would like the game to be what it should be and nonsense like bots. Who on earth asked for that?

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Long time i can only find bots. Other player i cant find cause their strength. Now they had Close to me and i am able to find other players

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