Raid Bots Tough


I just faced a level 500 raiding bot with all 6 star toons and 3 of them had zero damage weapons and Stun weaps , now is this normal ?? Raiding should be challenging and all I agree but a level 500 bot which might just as well have been a top 10 … tough stuff


Scopely said, it’s not a bot. It’s human.lmao


I raided the #1 player in my region today. 4 stun guns, and an impair on defence. Full 6* team, including “OP” Erika. Still easier than some of the bots in my region.

Still, there’s not much I can’t beat in raids these days. Sometimes I need a second attempt. If the RNG really hates me, maybe a third. But I beat everything eventually.

Work at it. Ascend the right toons. Craft the right weapons. Build your team conscientiously. Practice against the hardest teams. One loss against a hard team can teach you more about strategy than ten wins against easy teams. This is how you



Sure thing it’s all about growth , I usually am able to take on top 100 people quite ok , I’m just a simple middle man in this game with a s4++ team I have guys in my faction much better than me but getting your ass handed to you by a lvl 500 bot :smile:that’s something special , my raid rank is only 400 but still I was surprised
Just felt like sharing :
Because Sharing is Caring


Is that player level? I didn’t know that was even possible. Do you have screenshots? You’re actually ahead of me. I’m only S4+


Yeah what is a lvl 500 bot? You mean raid rank 500? Because the raid rank means nothing. Bots will always appear to be a few raid ranks lower than you. Even if they were copied from a top 10 team.

The bots you get are copies of other players teams. They should be teams that closely match your Autofill Team Grade.


Oh well i dearly apologize for the fact that I wasn’t clear enough , I am not a native English speaker sorry for that.

But yeah a Bot team ranked 500 and strangely enough this team just kicked the crap out of mine haha all packed with reduce damage to zero weaps , stun weapons and so on , which I was most certainly not used too so I thought I’d share .

Also I did not know about the fact that the bots match your auto filled team setup thanks for that information



I’m glad to help! Yeah the bots system is a little weird. That same bot team could appear as a 700 rank team if someone is at 600 and has a similar team grade.

Or that same bot team could appear as rank 100 if someone with a similar team grade is in top 100.

Bots will always appear just below your rank no matter what rank team they were copied from.


So 2 windows out of 5? That should be an easy win.

Try facing full windowless defenses 70% of raids. The best part is every bot is Mira or Carl lead so it’s impossible to guess what is going to be behind it?

Is it that team with 4 Negans with AD or is it the team with 3 SHivas with stun? Or is it the Mirabelle + 4 Tyreese with all impair guns team?


The bots are actually teams in your region recreated with a generic name. Someone in your region is currently running that on defense


About a year ago I posted my guess as to how bots are formed on the old forums. It may not be 100% accurate, but it’s a good enough guess to explain why you’re seeing this bot and this rank.

I ran through ~470ish raid refills during a raid tournament. At the beginning of the tournament, all the bots I faced were clones of teams near my own strength and they were all rank ~200ish with ~20k rep. At the end of the tournament, all the bots I faced were the EXACT SAME bots. But now, they were all rank ~60ish with ~38k rep.

Here’s how bots are formed: The game takes a ‘strength’ rating of your own team*. It finds a player near that strength rating. It clones that player. It takes YOUR OWN REP and adjusts by up to 10% of that rep. It calculates a rank based on that rep. It randomly assigns food and wood between the minimum that your level can get from raiding and about 25k.

Here’s a fun catch: the ‘strength’ of your team is based on your best team ever. Depot all your toons, you’ll still have the same strength as before. Put up a 1 leader, you’ll still have the same strength as before. Drop 5k rep, you’ll still have the same strength as before

Link for reference:

So why are you seeing this bot: Because there’s a player out there with this exact team set up as their defense. Why is it rank 500? Because the bots are assigned a rank close to your own rep.


I see this quote all the time about “Scopely says there are no bots” and it’s really just a disagreement of what the definition of a bot is.

In the very simplest terms, a bot is a computer-controlled player. Scopely’s claim that there are no bots refers to this strict definition: all players in this game are controlled by an actual person and not just a computer program playing.

Because of the way raid tourneys work, it’s necessary for Scopely to create copies of player defenses to raid. Think about it with easy math - if there were no copies in a region with 700 players in a region, as soon as the first ~100 players blow all their 6 raid energy, everyone else would be shielded for 2 hours and we’d all just sit around waiting for people to become unshielded to get in one more raid. So, what Scopely does is create copies of player defenses so we never run out of raiding opportunities. Players have pretty much settled on calling these copies of defenses ‘bots’ - but they are not bots in the strictest sense of the word because these ‘bots’ do not play the game. They are just copies of defenses, and Scopely has never denied that these exist.


Ty for the detail explanation. But i find sometimes the bots more difficult than the real player team


2 Burt’s and a bloody T to the first person to create an acronym for B.O.T.S.
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You can find out exactly whose team the bot is a copy of simply by looking at the win / loss record.

Sadly because of how 6* balance broke the game, some of the hardest bots on my region are copies of players who never used to be very active or score high in war. they just got enough stun and AD etc


You get copies of teams with similar strength teams. Now that everyone is the same relative strength if you ascended 5 total by now, your in the same match up as the rest of us. Weapons are not taken into consideration so you may be matching with a top 20 copy.