Raid bots too rare

For those of you who are ghosting, how much food do you have to spend to find a bot to raid? Outside of raid tourneys it seems near impossible to find a bot. They should either come up more often or have a flat food rate to find a bot. Otherwise, I assume most of us are not raiding daily.


I noticed a change in the last few weeks. I used to find bots quickly and easily. Now I’m spending 100k or more food at a time. I offset the cost via food from the gear depot, and if this is the price I pay to ghost, I’m fine with it.

I’d mind a lot less if I got more than 1 RtP marker every 5-6 raids :wink:


Would agree, less bots lately. IMO its a good thing, even tho i ghost sometimes too (#17).
Perhaps this is a result of the playerbase ascending teams, but most likely scopely are yanking the parameters again.

I completely disagree that they’re too rare, I’d much rather raid real players who have food than bots who have the min.

If they cloned a players resources as well as their teams i wouldn’t care if it were a bot or a player.