Raid bot diversity

Ok so many human players have same/similar carl lead teams, however the bots also do,

Add some spice change the bot teams a little, I have seen this team maybe 50 times + this tourney, been like ground hog day.

Also as bot teams have all the cool weapons please are the food rewards a reward 50-100k minimum 15k is insulting to fight with trait disadvantage and against almost perfect weapons.


Agreed on the food rewards, but the bots are simply copies of other players’ teams, including weapons.

Maybe a Scopely-created pool of teams to randomly have interspersed with these current bot teams would be a solution.


Then put yourrr little hand in mine

Cuz there ain’t no hill or mountain… We can’t cliiimb

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Why is it on scopely to give you something for knowingly going in with a trait disadvantage?

You know what one person of the team is not all 5, also I have won all my raids so :stuck_out_tongue: also it costs food to skip or to wait 5 minutes, ain’t nobody got time for that.

Can you honestly say you enjoy raiding the same people over and over and over diversity is the spice of life.

Do I enjoy it? No, but scope made that happen by not releasing more 6*, still don’t expect them to give me more for going in at a trait disadvantage, no matter if I can win with it or not

Bots lack the rankings that human players have so regardless of difficulty etc bots reward lowest of everything.

A cogent paradigm wold be the road maps hard payouts better than easy.

In fact nearly everything in life works this way

What? That makes no sense? Yes bots give less than human players do. Always have, but has nothing to do with diversity, the bots would be diverse if the players had diverse defenses to copy, but since there is so few viable defenses now with 6* they all are virtually the same.

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So there are two point stories here,

The first point
bot teams are very identical, it would be nice to see a variety of different teams, this would add something more to the game. Of course it is possible for the developers to make some bot teams up as AI teams exsist in every others aspect of the game.

The second point
Bot raids always pay out minimum rewards, food wood, tokens, trophies rep rewards, it would be a nice addition that in these news bot teams there would be a variance of difficulty an easy team with maybe 4’s and 5’s am definitely no modded weapons would give lesser rewards a full team of 6* would give higher rewards.

I cannot explain in any other way if you still don’t get it sorry.

Ok I get you now, you would like them to create their own bots in addition to using the bots of players. My question to you is then… Would it not be better for them to spend the time creating more ascendables, especially legacy ones, to allow the players to diversify their defenses naturally, and therefore diversifying the bots, rather than spend their time creating a whole mess of bot teams that only spices raiding up? I mean we have virtually the same problem in war with everyone having to run the same thing?

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As to the rewards from it, sure, I’d love some better ones too lol.

Thing is…those bots are worth it to a degree if youre ghosting and want to keep low while still growing rep or getting trophies. No revenge logs for bots, nothing od the sort.
The downside…the rng of shitty teams to What The Hell Is This?! level of teams on them.

Not really, because putting these teams together wouldn’t be difficult OR time-consuming. Throw random 5* behind a 5* or 6* lead, done. I’m not a programmer, but I would think a simple randomizer sequence would take a lot of the legwork out of it altogether.

100% Agreed

It only takes around 30 seconds to throw a team together

plus they already have teams already made from sr road maps etc


That‘s correct, They can be programmed in no time at all.