RAID being too difficult and not enjoyable at all

Can we do something about it?


Team building?


Raids work so when you reach next level on your team score you get to meet harder opponents .
So yes teambuild and learn your opponets toons and adjust for them


Maybe learn to get better at the game? I know it’s crazy to ask people to try to improve or learn about the game to get better but it’s better than asking them to make it easier


My big problem with raids is since the last week I only face bots instead of real players. Why this is a issue to me? Well, raiding real players it’s better to learn his defense (except he change, but almost peoplee don’t change their defenses), and facing a bot make this process random.

I go through phases of finding it more difficult. Go for the terries to get the boosts if it’s the only way you can win. Or stop getting a higher team score if you’re toons don’t work as a team. Keeping getting « better » per scopely’s grading will only make it worse.

Wait, this is a real thread? I legit thought this was a troll / joke thread to add some humour around here.

Raiding is the easiest thing in this game.

Don’t like the opponent? Search for a new one.

Find someone within 5-10 ranks of you and have at it, you will learn as you go.

Be patient.


I always get this every few weeks just need to figure it out there s always a way

If you made raids hard for you, no one to blame but you, I bet you put the freebies s-class n your teams and upgraded your team grade without any real substance

Now nothing but pass the learning curve and adjust for you

All of what you said is true, and very good advice. But it is the case that upgrading your team can make it substantially harder, and not upgrading your team can make it easier.

I didn’t claim the free Sclass toons, so I’m still at S10 (maybe +, not sure). Raids have become trivial and quite boring tbh, because most of what I’m facing is completely underpowered teams with two Sclass in there. Only one in six, sometimes less, is remotely interesting.

On topic: More advice is to work on your weapons and mods, and get help from a competent faction mate. If you’re struggling against teams of a particular kind, try a different strategy - some teams are hard to kill quickly, but easily controlled, others are hard to control but crumble if you hit them fast and hard.

Also try to get your faction mates to put up friendly defenses matching ones you have trouble with. It’s free practice for you to try out a million different combos and options. And if one of the biggest problems is you are in a faction that isn’t active enough or isn’t helping you grow and develop, then it’s time to find a faction that can help

Edit. This might not be the case for you at all so disregard but a lot of people I come across on the forums or line that are having trouble keeping up with the game are in a faction that does not help them grow. It’s fine if people want to hang out in else active factions or they might feel like they can’t leave certain people they’ve played with for a long time but if you aren’t growing or finding success and you aren’t happy, you have to decide what you want more.

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