Raid before shovel event is over


I’m 4k away in shovels is there going to be a quick raid after level and sr I just wondering. I don’t need the toons in there but I just can’t turn down a free ascend


got mine


I was going after the same the other 3 I have already


It’s truly a slap in the face that they have a special event where items only drop in raids or behind a pay wall and they cancel the last raid event before the timer on the museum runs out. Throw the players a bone.


I guess I’m burning tanks with no raid than I’ll see if I can get some to drop def in my region


Can you not raid without a tourney if it’s that important to you? I can’t remember the exact time frame but we had a few weeks to do it. This is why leaving things to last minute isn’t a good idea.


I received my toon a few days ago.

It was roughly 15 days.

But if people are expecting a raid event and that’s the best time to use cans, basically doubling down, changing that last minute without a word is pretty shitty.


Why would you get a Shane?


They really need a raid


just got him… 2 days left


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