Raid and level up rewards


I know you’re busy but if you are looking to beat VK then now is the time. They will have rewards for the weekend tourneys up before you clock in tomorrow. Thanks!


Shane doesn’t post rewards for every event. She only posts for CRW :slight_smile:


I seem to recall otherwise. Hmmm


Rewards are shit, so why post them? :laughing:


Shane posts events in a calendar, never posted rewards for all events. Only CRW.


Even so, I still wanna know.


Yes boss. Move along.


Excuse me? There’s no need to be rude. I was simply giving you an answer.


When you feel the need to repeat yourself on a message board it is likely time to walk away. Thanks for your response. There was no need to repeat yourself.


Even so, there’s no need to be rude.


Not gonna lie, the amount of butt kissing by some people is on the highest level… Not mentioning anyone in particular. I don’t want anyone whose too sensitive to feel like they are being bullied… After all, that would be against TOS.


Especially when people are just answering questions…that clearly have the name @kalishane in them.


Dial it back.

Yes it would be good to see event rewards and milestones ahead of vk.


Can your liveops team have an account for posting such. Can avoid the anger (often justified anger) by making it a dedicated account only for posting these. These get pushed to the app/server, when they finalize it would be nice if they could then update the forums with thhis information. Really shouldn’t take much effort and would be a great quality of life improvement.


Would be great to know if this is one worth “going for” or “taking easy”. We need to make preparations in advance to go for top milestones, you don’t just rock 2 million on the fly.

Thanks in advance for understanding why we need this information and finding a solution to get it for us.


@kalishane where are you…can you gelp us please and please update event calendar


Introducing new : 3 star recruit token - 5,000 tokens per pull

2 million milestone is 500 tokens!

enjoy guys