Radios/watches weighted to what u have


So I’ve seen people say that the gear u receive isn’t weighted towards one or the other. But how is it every damn time I get a epic bag with a radio or watch I get a radio every damn time. As of now I have 12 radios and 0 watches. The last 2 watches I did get I had to buy with FA points as well…just make the odds the same ffs…


10 Watches. 9 Radios.

Just luck man. No one is out to “get” you.


definitely weighted for me 14/5. I used to have the same problem but much worse with walkies and bags


Oh well. Teach a man to fish

Read learn knowledge


8 radios, 5 watches


13 radios and 2 watches :frowning:

But have to say that during 5* era, I almost had a perfect balance between walkies & bags. So it just might be RNG screwing me now…



11 radio 1 watch


Ask lockdown, he’s got it all sorted.


8/7 here. I a normally 1-2 within each gear.


download (14)


I don’t have 30-0, so I don’t think it’s rigged.

I have 0-30.


Well then it’s def not rigged


Some of u gotta chill out, I’m sure a lot of ppl have close to even ratios but it’s been like this for me since the start. Beanies over flaks, bags over walkies, now radios over watches. I’m just saying the odds seem off seeing it’s been this way for so long


I understand.My weakness is those dar n legendary medals grrrr.Stay cool and don’t worry too much about it.


10 watches 5 radios. These types of gear items have always been weighted more to one than the other.


3 Canteens/2 GPS
9 Radios/8 Watches


Be careful with what you say, you will be attacked by people who don’t understand basic math :stuck_out_tongue:

For me 12 watches, 8 radios - not really a great amount of data to go off there. Walkies and Bags currently 16:13, used 59 on characters - 75:73, near enough 1:1 ratio.


Scopely could put an end to all the speculation by releasing the odds for them when they are in loot boxes, per apple terms of service. Just saying scopes, you have the ability to stop the paranoia in your back pocket.

That being said, I don’t believe they are weighted one way or the other.


I have gotten a radio out of every bag I’ve opened over the last 2 months.

Had to buy 2 watches for Faction Assault Store.

0 watches, 10 Radios

Some people got those lucky predetermined stats.