Radios and Watch = School Bags and Walkers all over again


I seem to be in the same rut now as I was a year ago.

I seem to get a lot more of one of the important items than the other.

Sorry there mixed up but you get the idea.

Anyone else having this issue?
Guess I’m just unlucky in this area.


I’m with you. I have 3 radios and no watches. I have about 12 walkies and only 2 schoolbags. It used to be Beanies to Flaks for me too.


I have 4 Radio, 4 Watches, 2 Walkies and 10 Schoolbag … there should be a system to balance that. Or, if these are rewards for any Event, they should give us the option to choose between e.g. walkie or schoolbag


I have 4 radios and 0 watches. There should be a way to trade within the museum to get what you need. Maybe 2:1 ratio. I can live with that.