Radio roadmaps gone?


Where have they gone? I’ve run out of leather gloves and the roadmap was the best place to farm them.


lmao same boat as you :smiley: out of leather gloves and farming 13.4 which info said has best chance of getting and i used double large drop with 2-3 refills and got none lmao its just funny how i cannot tier 2 my epics hahahahha
on the other hand every epic i get is leader and i just smile as im out of topo maps and holsters to level them up lmao
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I’ve been wondering the same thing! just when I start needing to farm it it’s gone! @JB.Scopely


just wait and we will have a bag of leather gloves/topo map/holster in the shop for a very cheap price of $! a peice ! :wink:


I need the map!!! I have over 30 5* maxed at T3 I cant upgrade!!! lol


Apparently they “forgot” to enable these maps once they started providing Radios from the Explorer Side missions.

Queue conspiracy theory :sunglasses::eyes:


Actually they just are rarely put up during wars lol theyll be back tomorrow


They’ve been gone for days.


Hopefully they are getting an upgrade


I was just thinking about this topic. They’re giving radios still. But haven’t had radio map in at least a week or more. They even gave them their own area in the map not long ago. Before the change of format there was 3 little radios showing how many you have. Including a Gold one. I never got a gold radio or saw an active gold radio map. That was there for almost 3 yrs without any point. Used to hope for one but after awhile I gave up that there’d ever be a gold map.


Almost 2 weeks, actually. But since we don’t have a roadmap calendar there’s no way to know if it’s intentional or not! @JB.Scopely - hint, hint. (Didn’t they disappear around the time 13.0 code was released?)

Btw, I opened a ticket with support asking where the radio roadmaps are and got the copypasta response they can’t tell me when roadmaps will run, watch my inbox.


Hopefully they’re improving them. They just came out with the missions giving radios as rewards.


RIP radio road maps when they do come back put better gear or like I said b4 I have a rotation like they do with daily road maps


The radio roadmaps have begun to disappear either before or during level ups. I noticed this probably about a month ago they started pulling the Radio Road maps during level-ups and gear was going on sale so whats that tell you. They’re not getting an upgrade more than likely they’re pulling then to sell more gear and to force us to use the gear Depot to get that one piece every other day.


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