Radio road maps



So there was always a radio roadmap that renewed daily. Every now and then it would dissappear for a day, then it would come back. Now it’s been gone for a week or so. Is this being phased out? I mainly wonder because the explorer mission achievement thing was added and we get radios as rewards.



I hope they work on bringing in gold radios maps finally.


Good idea, so we can finally use all gold radios we collect in the last 3 years.:smirk:


Hasn’t the gold radio icon been removed?

The optimist in me is hoping the maps have been taken down to be given a reboot, maybe offering higher tier gear instead of helmets & amo belts.


I’M actually hoping the same thing. Time to make them useful again. But I don’t understand why they never communicate anything. Just take them down and see if we notice. I am not really worried over them as much as frustrated that the devs constantly do things that no one is aware of and make 0 effort to communicate it to the thousands of players.


And yes the gold radios we’re only used in the original beta before the game went live. They left the I on there forever bc they couldn’t be bothered to remove it.


Maybe they are getting upgraded for 5* gear maps


Don’t get your hopes up they will be the same crap gear it was b4 that I can farm 1 hilltop stage and get 3-6 of compasses and ammo belts at a clip


If it’s that again just get rid of radio maps and let me sell my 300+ radios


Oh bad I just hit 400


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