Racist hate speech on Event chat, now what?


Immediately event chat opened and of course the racist trolls came out right away with hate speech.

What should we as players do? The /report chat function never seems to do anything. Blocking someone only blocks your own personal view of the speech.

Isn’t it against the TOS for someone to be wishing death and harm upon entire races of people?


Can you screenshot it and send it to me flex? (if you haven’t yet already?)


I had my faction leader tell me that I cannot engage with them or combat them and tell them that they are wrong or how awful they are because I have to represent my faction and they are going to do and say what they want anyway. So I had a little arguement with her and said “What!? We just tolerate this type of behavior now and overlook it?” They should be kicked out of their faction for hate speech, put on blast in public, refused any entrance to further factions, suspended from global chat and given some time to think about their toxic behavior. But faction leaders turn a blind eye to it and let their faction members run wild.


We held the 3rd place faction in our region for their members making names like “Kerri is a c*nt” then had members of that faction make fake accounts on here to accuse us of bullying lmao. I’m just glad that in my region, the stronger players are almost universally of the mindset that behavior like that is unacceptable.


Do you need something else besides the message? Every Crw we germans get called “Nazis” have to read things like “Hitler”, “Adolf”, “H**l Hitler” and they sometimes have hook crosses in their names or send one in the chat. Of course we can block them but this is extremly disgusting.


Block people or ignore! That is the best\fastest way forward.


How about not go in there if you don’t want to see that stuff. Come on folks, we’ve already been through this. I for one hardly go in gc or the crazy chat anymore, soo boring. Just stay in regular faction chat, and ignore that stuff. Smh…


In this case actually preaching to block then can help remove their audience, and we all know what trolls want.


Doctor my arm hurts when I do this!
“Don’t do that”

so helpful!


Maybe take a pain blocker? Or would you rather cut your arm off.


The hate speech and racism needs to stop! There are no excuses for it and telling people not to go in global chat or block them is not the way it should be handled. That is just unacceptable. By saying that, you are also defending them and saying it is okay for them to do it because you do not have to pay attention to it and you can block them or ignore it. I do not accept that. Also, why do people that will not tolerate the hate and racism have to be excluded from global chat when they have the right to be there too, but racism and hate speech has no room in society!


What a horrible analogy. You can’t compare racist trolls to visiting a Doctor. You can avoid the broken arm by going to the Dr., and ignore the trolls by not entering the chat rooms.


Guys\Gals just do what Scopely does with things, ignore it!


That’s what I’m saying.


I started to get my panties in a bunch, but I remembered I’m not racist and have an ignore button.

Yes, it sucks that we only have one option in the game to deal with this. I avoid GC and EC, and chat with my not-racist faction members. That works for me.


That doesn’t even make any sense.


It sure is. We had a guy demanding Kristallnacht should be repeated. Horrible.


Ignorance isn‘t helping. I don‘t see it so it doesn‘t exist simply is wrong.


Kristallnacht should be repeated is hard to ignore for a Jew in Germany. Ignorance is passive support.


Forward for sick ideas finding their audience. Ignorance won‘t do!