Race to the bottom continued

Well I told you how alot in league’s were trying not to earn too much during qualification stage as they wanted the lowest tier for easier coin.

Had some nice trolling from wanderer on that post I do earn it btw 200k this blitz war 300k the war before but I’m not gona shoot myself in the foot and get into a league where I need to spend to get free coins.

Gear is a huge problem but platinum 5 an no coin for a few thousand league tokens is not worth it I’ll hop up and the repeat next season thanks!

My word how silly this new coin system is!


At the time of finding out it was too late for me and i could only demote to plat 4 so i will go to plat 5 then chill and demote to 4 then back to 5. Next qualify i will drop to plat 1 and work up to 5, rinse and repeat. I can save all my tokens for season 4 and i have maybe 2 toons to t4 so not a big deal on getting the most tokens for gear atm also

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Don’t be so sure they will keep this system in next season. Now they understand how stupid that was and maybe even change it before it ends. You like surprises?

We all love scopely surprises :roll_eyes:

Yeah broadcast it where Scopelys troll army will no give away any more free coins at all.
because you are gaming “their precious”.

What in the world do you mean by that @qwerty ?

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Ya see the problem with this is the new event running and as much as 600 coins is nice a decap or disarm is better so you need to raid level up and war which will make it look like the new system works Some1 at scopley had it all planned out also this has stopped all the complaints about season 3 toons.

The coins should have stayed they give lower factions hope in hopeless game.

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