R we rly having hordes this time or this is another cancelation?

If vk leaks doesn’t shows up within the upcoming hours just expect a shiny blazing solo level up instead


last time hordes was in the Calendar, I made a big announcement on the Faction bulletin board, got the team organized and ready to go, had been talking about it for days, then BOOM it got nuked, so this time around I am not saying nothing, if its there its there, if not - no harm done and I don’t look like a Goose.

  • strike 1: rare event
  • strike 2: faction event
  • strike 3: see last 10 events

Oh it’ll happen this time, except we will all have the pleasure of being guinea pigs in an open beta lol

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We know it will be terrible if it happens. Cant wait to see pete just shrugging off the horde or being one shot. Either way people will be upset including me probably.

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It’s not rly that complicated they just have to make it no s-class payback or bide here u go

Idk but I solemnly swear to not complain abt it as long as the rewards are equal to previous rewards. I am looking so forward to something different. I’m not getting my hopes all the way up. Lower expectations lead to less heartache. But if they take place, and rewards are the same as usual, I’m keeping my big, fat mouth shut.


well payback wont matter as they dont use ars unless that is changed but bide and elles hp skill could be hilariously annoying

I feeking hate Hoardes🤷🏼‍♂️

You will complain if you cant get rewards because you cant kill anyone. I wont complain if it is easy.

I expect the first complaints to roll in around the five minute mark , could be the first thirty seconds depending on which league you’re in.

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nah people wont have defense set yet, make sure you blow your cans early… but ill be setting defense down anyway people need the rewards as crappy as stuff has been lately

I got 52 cans I’m busting to use. Trust me, it won’t be too hard for me. And as long as its reasonable rewards, ill keep my mouth shut. And yes I’m aware this may be used against me later. Lol.

That’s exactly the problem…
How do they design a game to accommodate both S-Class and not?
And more importantly, how do you make it worth playing (read: fun)

Awards, difficulties and milestones were according to the leagues. What will it be like in the qualifying week?

D1 screwed d5 people happy…

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