R. I. P yellow Christia

Imagine getting replaced by a new red 6* version
And ppl amusing for the yellow one to be free

This isn’t a joke

Oof 7 char

I know 7 char

:roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:

…Also she isnt s class so shes useless

S class well only be leaders doe
There well be no s class decap
So of. Christia is specialist… Yeah

That is unlikely, this is a reset and lots of :moneybag: to be made off a reset, i expect s class decaps, shields, etc soon. These are just the basic leads, range and melee attack and defense leads, the others are coming.


Like the gen 2 introduction, but these ones are op from the beginning

Gen 2 wasnt that bad at all, still could use some 5* toons on teams, zach came out tho and all the others thst followed pretty much got more and more op, s class is on another level and when we get zach level s class toons we should expect another reset, maybe ss class.

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They never learn from their mistakes so highly probable


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