R.I.P JustABox Gaming

So it seems that J.A.B sold his account to a 2nd person, who has a playlist of Japanese videos, sad.


I thought this was old news?


Almost six months old news.




In other news MySpace is the top of the food chain!!


Why people are so rude with this guy ? Lol


Well there have been plenty of reasons! :joy:

He has claimed to hate men and women, liberals and conservatives, capitalists. Calls himself a big communist (seems to be anarchist though)

Calls forums members trash on discord, yet seek their attention and votes to get the “Regular rank” here. Makes posts that have mostly controversial responses.

He’s mostly been a Troll in the past!


The better trool in the past just replayed…

Your role model, lil Sally? Obviously you aren’t much better. Didn’t you say that you will leave this forum here last week? And still you commenting on each posting just for getting some attention. #Sad


well i never said that, it was the Facts guy.

You can always mute the person you dislike you know, their posts will be hidden.

You are sooo cute with your quoting of others’ comments. :fu:t3: No, it was you who said this. Unfortunately you say way too much nonsense here. Seems you have no real life nor real friends. Why don’t you get your fat butt off the couch and get a job, since you have so much free time? Or spend some time outside together with your loser friends? Come on lil Sally, be productive and do something meaningful.



Again no proof, only accusations. For your other comments, they all seem to be a case of projected emotions.

Jeez my man! you are still quite hurt from last time. Guess maybe real life isn’t treating you good.
Here dude this may ease your pain.


Edit- seems like he aint returning for now, good luck Sir! can wait this long for a reply :joy:


They should of not nuked his account he would not be a thing anymore if they dint after he got wacked with a b%n

Oh lil Sally, no worry I do have an enjoyable life. That’s the reward of being productive and getting something done in life.

By the way, you look like a foolish teenager girl with your constant quoting. Not sure why anyone would even use such quoting this often. Perhaps you can use this “skill” in your work life someday. :wink:

too confusing to follow all the insults in one paragraph with no grammar


Bruh! trolling is not everyone’s cup of tea, take for example Aeris and Kookie they actually do a good job at it while being funny occasionally. In your lame a$$ troll attempts you just angrily and aimlessly ramble, half of the time it’s hard to decipher what you actually trying to say with your lack of grammar etiquette.
See the reference image below :joy: this captures your rage quite well.

Besides, as you have stated that you got an enjoyable and productive life then why waste time and energy arguing with a random internet stranger. That seems paradoxical. Good luck, get well soon! :joy:

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i occasionally go there for other game related info, been a member since March and that’s how i know about this

Did you get that message from someone claiming to be from the player’s council as well?

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Nah it was scammer I encountererd on Kik reason why I did what i did well she said my mom’s dying muy me £50 gift card claimed she was a Christian hard-core but was willing to send me her tittypics if I bought her £50 she’s a shit lier so I showed how to I guess lol

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