R.I.P hordes =(

I used to like the event before s class, got the cards and was always top of the event and actually enjoyed it, now I can just sit back and get points with defends more then I attack lol. It’s stupid, the whole event should just get pulled might as well just have onyawn least we get items. It’s a sad day when something you love dies, they even gave us bad milestones because they knew themselves. Just give me world cans or war cans in trade and let it die :sob::sob:


I am sad :sob: and mad :angry: hordes was my fav tbh, now it is shit with shit rewards and shit milestones :poop:

I swear scopely does these things on purpose


Why RIP? Hordes is fun! There are plenty of other parts of the game you can play


Because the current iteraiton of Hordes creates a meta paradox that the entire TWD universe wouldn’t need to exist at all if the walkers were made of tissue paper and could tickle humans all day long to no ill effect. Hence inviting the player into a tunnel of existential crisis as to why they are doing what they are doing, and why it is doing, what it is doing, what is it doing, and why is doing, what is doing.


I liked hordes, it was tough but i liked the challenge. This isn’t a challenge this is masochism on steroids


Hate horde

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Hordes is ■■■■■■■ boring. They should of added a stash. Adding a stash can keep us happy. I like them x10 of basils. I like em. Just bring back the stash. Have joshua as the toon you get for finishing and add s class collectibles.

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Most in my faction have dropped. Not worth the prizes and the headache.


Im loving hordes, you can take on most teams, all you gotta do is play your cards right, im not struggling too much against s classes

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Video please

I didn’t get good cards but only lost four times now, completed milestones and just using free energy. I agree rewards suck, wish they kept the 100k just so it seemed like working towards something.
I still like hordes because it fills key parts shorted by the rest of the game.

*the event is as good as the rewards lately … great work y’all should just give up on hoards at this point and try something else to squeeze money out of people *

Get to platinum solved

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Hordes has me like…



Other than less than ok rewards, Hordes is still very easy to win even against S class. Use your items wisely, control like you do in raids. Sending walkers thinking thats gonna work is a sure way to defeat.

I am Platinum, I work hard to stay there and not go up, but that’s the game I play.
Hordes has really good things about it, just people need to do it to figure out what that is. I don’t talk about it here because then scopely would ruin it.

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The entire game is boring


Most walkers have 10k+ atk… You can do lots of dmg plus use items to impair, confuse, maim etc; just play your cards lmao

Very true. But hey - at least my 4 pulls from horde milestones made all that boredom worthwhile:

How I’ve survived this long without these items is beyond me.


Is this what the PC has done to your brain?