R.I.P bleed, maim, burn

And that AR…
And follow up…
And the weapon…

Enjoy your Magnas and Lees


“This character gains 100% ap”

Exhaust says hello


Hope they fix so lotofpoo cast that then

Im happy im going for Lao Po, shes really good and toons like this are not going to have a good time against toons with exhaust


But she never throw her active skill in auto and therefor never in defence


Ive had her use her skill on attack auto, idk defense but hope she gets fixed soon, this toon and dr stevens can kiss my exhaust

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You are saying that this particular character won’t or that no character uses active on auto? I was watching the Typhoon flash map and Mercer was using the active on almost every blasted turn when running on auto, even when it make no sense to do so.

No i say that lotofpoo dont throw her active like never

We are F U C K E D

Pft base attack only 4500

The weapon sucks, imo. Overwrite slot 3 ASAP

Weapon is a piece of shit and you just need to taunt him. End of!

Exhaust needs to be activated first though lol

There are already alot of toons that get rid of bleed maim and burn and I still easily win with a bleed team. The chain AR is more of a concern, but again not a huge one.

They build a meta and build a counter, nothing surprising at all

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Laopo active in the first turn

Shes not using it tho, its broken

Going Amber him to death!!!

They just seem to get more and more extreme with each release cancelling out any offense F2P has. :expressionless: :expressionless:

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