R.I.P. 6* Jessie - Scopely's worst 6* yet

Poor Jessie.

Her first debut in this game and she’s utterly garbage. Worst 6* in the game.

40% heal and recover from stun and bleed only!?

Active skill is… Tenacity!?

Wait, is it still 2015 or something? Maybe Scopely didn’t realize it’s 2018 already. Has to be Scopely trolling us right? Right!?

3* Doc Stevens is actually more effective than 6* Jessie.

Whoever designed her must’ve really hated her guts, and not even bothered updating her after the first leaks three months ago.


They are low on toons bro


Why not post her stats, a youtube video was really necessary???


I really hope this doesn’t happen to Gator. I was hoping they were done making paperweight characters…


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Bahahahaha…they have so many 5*s they could work up as legacy toons…instead we get fresh from the rump turd sandwiches.


She can be a tower timeout/stall team with shane lead and a bunch of impair when taking damage…your welcome.

Edit: got to have four to be annoying!

Barker kill ALL. And Barker is… Meh


When it comes to tower teams you dont know what u are walking into…barker is meh so most of the time if you have other options better then using barker in your attack then u will leave barker at home till u can reload.

Bros gotta get views…

Even if she did impair the whole team…

Impair active, confuse active, stun active and basic

Then poke the healer to death while she forgets how to rush

I like the creativity though 6* Shane seems a lot like yellow Morgan, who was also thought to be useless except by a few creative players.

Hey on da bright side we have an amazing ranged healer in… Erika oh wait need money for erika any one decent sorta free nah Shane’s trash good drop doe you can’t really out heal a tripp doe he will always have magical healing powers which will remove anything bad even irreversible dmg #juststicktotripp

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Wonder how much Scopely will make in profit on whales doing 40-max pulls to get her and a bag for weapon tokens?

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She can turn two without a command tho but it needs a really hard to get weapon :sweat_smile:

Not saying she’s good… Just a thought

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You replied to yourself. Interesting :thinking:

Just in case someone said I was defending that awfull toon :joy::rofl:

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Lol you could of did

P. S

Then explain how you’re not defending toon, but hey… There’s nothing wrong with what you did. :slight_smile:

Instead you should believe, uncredentialed, non-journalists who just blog rants!

Don’t believe the earth is round! Look for yourself, use your eyes! Who needs facts, science and data when instead we can have HAWT TAKES from randos!

You’re the real mvp.