Quit now and you won't regret it


If you are really frustrated with Scopely, all you need to do is quit. Find another game you can play. I’m one day free of Scopely and it feels great. I assure you it will make your life easier and stress-free.


day 3 here :grinning:


Bye now! Ta ta.


But you keep coming to the forum’s… Soon you will return, you all return.


Nahhh, sold all my toons haha. I just want to see people quitting too and I’m waiting.




Did you get rid of your wallet? Cause we know you are coming back soon…


no chance, im fed up with scopely. try it and you won’t regret it. :wink:


Thank myself for quitting this garbage game. Stay f2p


Getting closer to depoting my roster and moving on. Half our faction is waiting while we search for a new game to move on together. Instead of farming, this past week we’re scouring the play store. Few promising ones in development just like rts. Our friendships have been exploited to keep us around, we’re going to flip that :wink:



Hey guys!

As an update – the forums will no longer allowed “Goodbye threads or Quit threads.” This is standard across other game forums. I spoke with Lee Russell about it and going forward they will be closed.

We want to promote a positive experience within this forum with thoughts, feedback, and collaboration. Opinions or fine – but posts similar to these will just create drama within the forum.

Thank you for your time and understanding.