Quit Complaining and Get Some Pre-War Roster Help!

Inspired to make this thread by a comment made by @TheWanderer in another thread.

I’m proud to present the “Pre-War Roster Help” thread. Prior to every regularly scheduled war I’m going to create one of these threads. You’re going to come in here, share your roster, and then you’ll get feedback from the community on how to best approach the upcoming war. You’ll get tips on team composition, weapon selection, mod use, and maybe even attack strategies.

How do you get the help? EASY! Reply to the thread in with screenshots of your characters and we’ll handle the rest.

I’ll provide the best advice and ideas I can. If some of the bigger dogs roaming the forums wanna throw in their advice, I’d appreciate it immensely!

I have to drive and coach baseball here in a bit, so if you’d still like my input, feel free to hit me up on Line. Username: thatdudelarry



General Use Team

Donny (leader)

  • Weapon: ATK or HP, AP on ATK, AP Down or Stun
  • Mods: ATK, ATK vs Green, resist whatever, AP Drain, HP (DEF or HP Set)

Tyreese (x2)

  • Weapon: ATK, AP on ATK, Bonus AP
  • Mods: HP, ATK vs Blue, Stun resist, AP Drain, ATK (ATK or HP Set)


  • Weapon: DEF, HP, Stun
  • Mods: DEF, DEF vs Blue, Stun/Confuse/Taunt Resist, Graze, Stun/Confuse/Taunt Resist (DEF Set)


  • Weapon: ATK, AP on ATK, Taunt
  • Mods: ATK, ATK vs Blue, Stun Resist, Reflect, HP

If I were to bank on one team throughout war, I’d use this. AI and most players are going to try to pick on Romanov on round 1. One of the Ty’s should bring him back real quick, unless he’s decapped. Either way you shake it, between the twin Ty’s and Ajax, you should get plenty of timeouts this weekend. If you wanted to boost it further defensively, take Romanov out and put Erica in.

Other teams to consider:

  • Donny, Ajax, Sandy (yellow), Ty (yellow), Romanov
  • Eugene, Michonne, Ty (blue), Siddiq, Alpha
  • Andrea (blue), Michonne, Ty (blue), Lori, Ty (blue)
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This thread made my day.


Happy to oblige.

This is some really great stuff here man, makes a nice change from “A.I. this, A.I. that”crap. Love it, keep up the good work


This is real help to all.

At first glance this looks like “stop complaining but im gonna complain about the complainers” then saw you actually went into detail with someones rooster :rooster:

Cant be, i must be dreaming, twd rts community working together, being helpful? This is madness i say, madness!

Honestly tho threads like this should be a common thing, why do we work so hard against each other? Why cant we be helpful and all make the game we all play more enjoyable?


For me, I have the roster, I just don’t have the right weapons crafted/teams leveled for the strategy. Luckily, idgaf about war so I’m taking it slow.

Gave that rooster a good rubbing.

I bet you’re more set than you give yourself credit for.

Just posting my best toons. Any help is appreciated


You’re probably going to want to run something along these lines:

Isabel (leader)

  • Amazing AOE, load up on the ATK


  • Crazy high ATK, beef it


  • Solid healer


  • Combine attacks with Isabel to kill the entire enemy team in one turn


  • Need a stunner in there, just in case

is right yellow towers giving 20%

Probably, but at the same time, I’m not interested in doing 4-5 minute battles when I was doing 1-2 minutes before.


not sure if this is right so dont shoot me.

For me its mods, getting the right mods is one battle, gettingg them to descent levels is the next battle, hopefully rng is made illegal soon but thankfully im in the same boat as i dont care for war or anything going on really as rewards and stuff have been on a serious decline, only war for my faction as we get topish rank so we get a pull and i have to help out but im good on pulling a kal or something lol

These towers look to help the masses.

  • Yellows get a bonus to help against the blues added to defenses to combat Negan.
  • Inversely, with the community aware of the towers, Negan gets a hidden bonus against the greens added to defenses preparing for all the yellow attack teams.
  • Greens gain bonus crit to help their disarms and guardians (Olivia in particular).
  • The bonus AP for blues allows a small carryover of the meta from the last couple of wars.

Ultimately, it’s going to be your ability to build synergistic teams that will determine your success. No single trait or character is going to have a major advantage.

Try to find something for an attack team that I haven’t already thought of

I got help a few weeks back but my roster has changed a bit. I need medals to get rick ascended that’s my next goal. I appreciate the help!