Quill offers not in shop

Where are the quill offers for real money? I want to buy one to complete a word but none are showing up in my shop.

On top of all the other problems, is it too much to ask that you sell things when people want them (eg when a collection is about to run out?) I work in European hours and this is the time of day I’d most likely buy something. But no. No offers in the shop for things I want. Smh.

I see 3 available currently in the Shop. In order to get the latest offers showing on the shop, leave your game open on the town screen for at least 10 mins so it can download the latest data.

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Feel free to make some of the offers actually buyable using coins…

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Coins are easily hacked or bought through other means… real money offers are more secure

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But then that logic wouldn’t make any sense because they offer all new 6*s via premiere pulls done with coins, but players who want to participate in the events they made(which aren’t even giving the same caliber of rewards) have to spend money rather than coins.

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Thanks for thé tip. They finally appeared. After far too long of waiting. It takes an age for stuff to load these days and it’s getting worse.

I agree with the comments below about more offers for coins, not real money too. And for decent value. Not the ridiculous scopely pricing.

@GR.Scopely can we know what will happen to the extra bears that we get? Will they be converted to Princess cards or will they be lost? Don’t want to have 59 bears at the end and lose the extra 49…

They’re not easily hacked u must be an elite Hacker so u can for such games

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