Quickest way to take towers in war?


What are some strategies you guys use to take towers during war? I’ve seen people use 1 critical lead like Kenny and 4 bennies but I know there are better methods of taking towers.


Blue Rocket launcher Abe is a must in tower teams.


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4* kelly and some burts :slight_smile:


Pls check movie in first quoted post. Dude uses 2 toons. Only two. And its super beneficial, tested it myself.


The goal behind that: Short animationphases. When the last Zombie goes out, kill him to get the new wave. Yes, it CAN be rocket abe, but there are many variations to get the tower fast.


Many variations? Sure. Are they viable? Probably not. Either Rocket Abe or Blue Gov are necesarry to compete with other people. Anything else tends to lose a vast majority of battles.


Play on PC use an emulator and an accelerator


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