Quick Review of New War

Match-ups - Still Suck
Artwork - who cares
Towers - Meh
Mercs - Disabled

Over all grade…Still boring.


For all my complaining in another thread about the 8v8/Merc situation, I’ve actually found that the matchups have been better in our war. Much more variety rather than constant top 5 like the last few wars.

I like the trailer tower. It can really help when facing a difficult opponent. But we’ve been ignoring the other two.

I think same region matchups are a mistake. Already seen factions farming each other for points, so I’m sure this is happening in a lot of regions.


Trailer tower is hilarious. I love it.


I really loved this trailer … mine mercer with atk up while slowed mod can one. Shot even the most tanked trader … i didn’t struggle once against trader thanks to that tower :rofl:


We see mainly top 10 which we are 2nd so its expected. I know it sucks for lower factions facing tops continuously


dafuq is with the pop up offers during war scopes… @WalkerTexasRanger @TayTron @Parker


Umm, how do you know how your defense worked out? War log shows who attacked you, not what team they used… and on atk, you can’t have gotten your mercer slowed from the tower - it’s apllied to enemies…

If the enemy takes the tower, the slow effect applies to your attack team

So you’re using att when slow mod? I thought about that but too lazy to switch. Maybe should since I keep getting plat mods of that

Yeah but I think people are catching on and avoiding taking it now lol

I did not like this war… :unamused:

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Don’t play it then.
I’m having fun.

Ah, didn’t notice that the trailer is both atk and defense. The other two are singular only (also a single trait)… strange to make the towers so unbalanced

I’m sure they have messed with matchmaking. As 7th/8th ranked faction in our matchup, we are seeing only factions ranked above us 90% of matches… (which basically sucks for trying to get win siege mission credits.) If we do match a lower faction they are within top 15 still.

Im scoring basic minimum as it is my duty to my faction but no more so in other words I won’t play it then. :unamused:

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We are getting factions from our same region :anguished: divides the region alot, lots of name calling and upset players, truly I did contribute to theese boughts but hey I shouldn’t be fighting my own region so who’s truly the enemy ? :woozy_face::smirk:

What i am saying is we dont go for trailer… and on atk we get atk boost… and our faction basically have tanky def so slow doesn’t really affect us that much … and i am the only one with fast rushing team and my team on def can rush turn 1 regardless of slow so … for our faction its better either we gain or lose that tower :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m already at over 300k points.

Ok ? Do you want a medal ?


Nah but my balls itch if you got some cream for that.