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What damaging statuses stack?

Bleed - Yes (even w/ hemorrhage
Burn - no
Trauma - yes
Exhaust - no
Maim - yes
Infection - no

Updated it with the answers.

bleed stacks

I believe trauma stacks

Worth calling out that not only does bleed stack, it stacks with hemorrhage

Does hemorrhage stack?

Hemorrhage doesn’t stack with itself (I havent tried differing amounts).

Exhaust doesn’t stack as far as I know.

Bleed - Yes
Burn - no
Trauma - Yes
Exhaust - No
Maim - yes
Infection - No

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Hemorage from rush from such as jiafeng and wanfa stacks but it doesn’t stack if its from specialists skill :slightly_smiling_face:

Who has a specialist skill with hemorrhage?

So you are saying it does stack of say wanga ARs then 3 turns later ARs again? It would add 150 to the current hemorrhage value?

Slow does not either

Healing over time stacks

Healing over Time Stacks too EDIT :point_up_2:t4: She Was faster :man_facepalming:t4:

Zachary have specialists skill hemorage and 5* magie and negan to name few … and yes wangfa’s AR stacks when he rushes again :slightly_smiling_face:

Morian has Hemo and Jia on her Rush. Or Jia is a Lacerator but did Mass Bleed :man_shrugging:t4:

To define hemorrhage stacking:
A toon is suffering from (standard specialist) 150 hemorrhage - their bleed damage is increasing by 150 each round. If you hit them with hemorrhage again, they will retain their current hemorrhage level (150/300/450…) and will also still increase by 150 only. If you apply a rush hemorrhage, the current bleed level increases additively but I am not sure about the end of turn increase.

Important to note is, that hemorrhage can be lacerated, where not only the bleed damage is doubled but the end of turn increase as well - a T1 lacerated hemorrhage becomes 300/600/900… And laceration in subsequent turns can pump the bleed damage up like hell - that’s how you kill Negan in FA if you manage to apply the status (he can resist it at top tiers/stages and clears all negative statuses with his rush, so AP drain is a must)

The added 150 in hemorage is also applied even if you add the hemorage from rush :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’m doing some experiment with S-class Minerva and 6* Trader (waiting for an S-class) on the same team.

Minerva’s infection overwrites Trader’s one and that is a BIG problem: actually she cleanse turn 1-2 infection and adds 3 turns.
I need to try if it works on the opposite way but I think that the higher value overwrite the lower one.

wandering if the same happen with 2 Traders

Yes it does. If enemy suffers from 35% heal reduction and the infected toon is healed with 15% (i.e. will heal 10% with 5% remaining for 1 turn), aplying infection again will do 15% for 2 turns

thanks for the reply.
AI is so dumb… it applies a new infection to a toon that could have died the next turn.

another aspect is that a toon that gain 3 turns 175% infection become immune to Trader… at the moment is better to avoid interactions between different infection toons :pensive:

Well, the infection gets “overwritten” only if it was partially healed up, because only a higher infection overwrites a lower one and resets the timer.

(Pro tip: If your toon suffera from 15% infection you can’t heal and would die end of your turn, try hitting Trader to get 25% infection to survive for one more round)

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interesting! so one toon can virtually last forever… suppose there is a 10% fast healing weapon and that toon continuously attack the trader: every attacks “overwrite” the previous infection, right?