Quick Question on multi hits

Aside from Mike and GS Glenn, I’ve not really used a double hit toon and never one with a bleed mod. Neither do I have a double shot blue gun.
So I was wondering, if I give Earl Sutton a Bleed Mod and an Ap Down mod, and then he ARs, will he triple hit with bleed (do say 450 bleed damage instead of 150) and have a chance to triple hit with Ap Down? Or will they only proc once each?

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Nah, the bleed only procs once it won’t double, BUT he will have a chance at having the ap down proc 3 times

Ah cheers. Thought it’d be too good to be true. Good news about Ap Down though.

Double attack is nice for potential 6 hits

Don’t think there is a blue ap down gun. Could give him impair tho. 3 chances of it procing

Think he’s referring to the lower left mod slot ap down

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Bleed is added every attack. If he has 110bleed mod, his AR will give at least 330bleed (not sure about double attack weapon because don’t have one to test)


Ap down mod in the middle slot I was meaning, bleed in the bottom left… But may as well take bleed out and put Ap down in bottom left

You 100% sure?

I just tried double attack with bleed and it only procs bleed once for the double attack

Ah cheers for that

yes. Don’t know how to send video

Oh now I’m pretty confused. So some are getting it to proc multiple times and some aren’t.
Maybe a double hit weapon doesn’t have a bleed mod proc twice but a double hit AR does?

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earl has 148bleed mod. When he ARs he gives 444bleed.

With normal attack (when his gun attacks twice) bleed is only applied once.


Fantastic news! I have a perfect 200 bleed mod that would go nicely on him then… Would make his AR exponentially better.

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Bleed and AP down mod will proc each time he hits on his AR but not when his hit does double attack from his weapon , meaning that if he double attacks on all his hits aka (6 hits total) bleed and AP down mods have the chance of going off 3 Times only same as if his double attack never proced

Keep in mind that a Gold AP down mod has a minor chance of going off


Thinking of critting for a bleed on attack weapon then. Means he’ll have a chance of getting 670/740/810 bleed with his AR. Either that or a +35crit on opponents above 60hp. All the crit options on level 3 slayer are a win for him.

Other 2 options on the weapon would be +35crit and huge Ap bonus on attack.

He would sub in for my Hershal quite nicely since I wouldn’t need a focus as badly with his disarm in the team.

Great info in this thread. Follow up question: What about Life Steal? Would it return HP on each hit?


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Haven’t used a life steal toon before but if it’s a specialist skill that works like Collateral Damage / Disarm etc… it should go off on both hits

If it works like Guardian though it won’t go off more than once in any given turn