Quick question. Device transfer

Earlier today I had got pissed off from losing 9 auto raids in a row. I had hit my tablet repeatedly and the screen is fucked. (Still works) So since scopely never sent me their receipt. I have the amazon receipt of a coin offer purchase. And facebook. Also Am I able to transfer ios facebook to android? Cause I have my acc code. The receipt and more. So can I use the playstore receipt instead of scopely’s and can I transfer kindle to android with facebook? (If you want the pic of the screen I’ll post it)


Yeah this not the only time. Fortnite bought out alot of anger. Holes in the wall and more. Now I play it and dont get that butthurt.

I’m better at Fortnite than you, get good skid

I dont fuck with it for real. I remember I raged on someone and we became friends during that same day. But will scopely take the amazon receipt?

you have more i think to worry about then this game

Yeah. I might as well just say fuck giving scopely money. I’ll give my money to APB (They were like scopely except the company went out of business twice 2nd time they left 3rd time we got a new developer who cares)

Is this why you wanna fight other yoot outside libraries instead of studying to achieve great things in life?
If a game is leading to rage you need to take a break from gaming to reassess your life an get your priorities straight. If such minor insignificant things cause such rage then seek help before this bleeds into adult life an you become one of societies weakest links assaulting those they supposedly love an then blaming everyone else for their failings.
Top tip don’t brag about being a on idiot on forums using veiled request for help. Could have simply said device is broke an not said how.
Hope you paid for the tablet through own money earned and it was not bought for you too.

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If you linked your account via Facebook, you can just use a Facebook login to another device to restore it.

On another note, if you’re an adult you should have your emotions in check enough to not punch walls over w video game. And if you’re a kid, well, I imagine your parents will not be happy about those walls.


Yeah, you can transfer from iOS to android if your Facebook is linked with no issue

Why do people get so angry at games they break shit haha

No. The guy at the library said he was gonna come and fight me. I never knew til my friend told me.

Yeah their not. We live in a apartment so we gotta patch them up or they’ll charge us that max bull for em.

When I get this next check Im buying a LG. I would repair the tablet but my generation makes fun of people for having a android or worst a tablet.

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