Quick question about MODS


What do you guys do when you have attack Mod (trait) on a toon.

For exemple. I have Tough (Blue) Tyresse and I can Put either extra atck against Alert (red) or against fast ( yellow)

On one side if I put against Alert, he’ll be able to deal with them quicker.
on the other side i can deal better with Fast toons.
This is just an example, appliable to all Toons.

What is generally applied?


Dont no about others, but i generally go for which ever i have the trait advantage on.

Attack vs alert will give tyreese more dmg to murder reds.

Better to build on that rather than build on attack vs fast. Imo.


Depends of what you want.
I usually go the same as with the trait advantage, but to counter the yellow jesus/blue magna, I usually go for more attack on these traits to kill them faster.


My team is basiccally Fast and Tough.
So i do have difficulty dealing with Shield Jesus.

for example - Jesus plus Erica. I can take erica… i just can’t get to her.

But i’m afraid if i do change the trait dmg , would i have enough DMG to take care of Erica?
i’m going in loops…


Unless you have Focus to ge to Erika first and decapitate her, you would need to get through Jesus first, so you would need to get through him by adding more damage on this trait, so inevitably attack vs. fast


I have two Tought damage type. Maybe i’ll diversify, Ty against fast so he can decap. those pesky Jesus.


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