Quick question about league ranks

So if a player gets knocked down below the next promoted line, do you still get promoted or demoted. Hopefully players get promoted because in order to get demoted you’ll need to be below the red demoted line right?


If you fall below that promotion line and get 8th, the following week you stay in that same league. 1-7 get promoted to the next highest. Likewise at the bottomed there is a certain line that if you fall below at the end of the week you will get demoted one rank. But stay above it and you stay in the same league.

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So you’re saying the dod players in the pick will still be promoted? Im right below them. Hehe

Is it not kinda obvious?

Above the promotion line: promoted

Below the demotion line: demoted

Somewhere in the middle: no change


no he will stay in the same league as he is under the promotion line

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Thanks guys. I appreciate the replies. :slight_smile:

I know its obviously, just wanted to make sure because I don’t want to be demoted. :laughing:

That sucks because I got knocked down to #10 place below the green promotion, so Im in the middle which means I’ll still be in plat IV instead of V. :confused:. Thats not fair because I used coins and cans to try to get promoted.

you still have solo sr and what ever this weekend’s events are to try and get promoted

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I understand, but these players this week are whooping my ass. I never maintain below green promotion line. Hehehe. Everyone below should still be promoted, not stay the same league rank.

Funny that the higher level you get to, the more effort you have to put in…


Thats true. It wouldn’t be so difficult if players had a lot of cans. At least players below will make the same prizes every week.

Stay in Platinum IV, less effort for basically same prizes as Platinum V

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