Quick fixes to bridge game imbalance

Perhaps instead of transitioning legacy 5* to legend, which may be useless in many players rosters, you could instead make current legends ascendable to s-class status.

The s-class status of the ascendable 6* would be as simple as slapping 200-400 base stats and 10% on to rush and actives. Quickest, cheapest and most relevant fix to bridge the growing gap in player base.

What to do with 5*? Create new museum collections where they can be traded in for an ascendable 6*.

What do you all think?

I think it’s not a terrible idea except they in some way would make a special gear or something you have to collect behind a pay wall.


Or they could put it in league like jackets and hats. Something worth grinding for.

Good thought though.:sunglasses::+1:

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Awesome suggestion.
How about increased stats on gen1 toons to also close gap.

Scopley could also take all 6 stars t5 and lvl up to 100 to allow some lvl up points.


Oh yeah, come to think of it. I believe they said s-class toons just take double the amount of gear to upgrade. Also available in league. So eiher way grindable.

What if they made 6s from now on solely from the legacy pool, but at the same time, have them buyable from the premium wheel, as current premiums are?

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What if they just held off on S class?? Seriously that will be the nail in the coffin for me, I’m not willing to start over again


This, too many jumps forward and not spending enough time on one place. S-Class is here but they should be suuuper sporadic until Xmas at least. Let time for Gen1 to phase out across the majority and Gen2 to be the norm


Gen 1 phased out at gen 2

For the top meta. That isn’t the story anywhere below… 2nd ranked faction per region, on average?

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I hear you but just like the introduction of legends to the game they are here and will saturate in no time. Need a realistic fix to bridge the gap for players just too addicted to quit yet :blush:

If ppl don’t buy them, they’ll go the way of dual specialists.

I don’t want to run head first into S class if there’s no need to just yet.


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