Questions members of the community would like to see answered clearly, directly, and precisely

I’ve gotten a fair amount of messages and suggestions from people on line, with stuff they would like to see put in one thread to be answered here. They would like to see these questions answered directly and specifically, an example of this would be the difference between March 22nd and early 2018. I’ve explained that some of this stuff isn’t possible to have a 100% concrete answer or a 100% specific answer, so they simply ask for as accurate and specific as possible.

  1. When can we expect to see a drastic improvement in prizes, in line with the feedback we’ve been providing for months?
  2. When can we expect to see ascendable 5* characters as rewards?
  3. When can we expect to see a weekly ultimate gear map?
  4. When can we expect to see a weapons part gear map?
  5. When can we expect to see a 6* gear map?
  6. When can we expect to see a solution on dying regions, allowing members to move their accounts to other regions, for example.
  7. Will there be an update to the crate given with the 30 day pass, if so, when and what will it be updated to?
  8. Given that players are already making short work of faction assault(without leader skills or weapon AP), are there any plans to add additional difficulties? If so, when would this likely be seen?
  9. Are there any plans on expanding the town? If so, when would this likely be seen?
  10. Are there any plans to add world stages? If so, when would this likely be seen?
  11. Are there any plans to compensate those iphone users who are currently unable to get into the game?
  12. Are there any plans to add batch use of energy or other time saving features for very repetitive farming(unlimited bronze tokens possibly)? If so, when would this likely be seen?
  13. When can we expect to see the first legacy 6* character in game from the future ascendance list? The 5th? And the complete list in game?
  14. When will the game economy be adjusted in terms of food and survivors due to the increased cost of leveling 6* toons?
  15. Will the points granted for completing objectives in level up events be adjusted to match the climbing milestones. 16. Will persona specific objectives be removed, since 6* characters don’t have personas?
  16. When will ascendance medals become commonly available again, especially for those players who missed the initial launch?

As more questions pop up, I’ll try to keep this post edited and I’ll put answers with the questions, as they are answered. Thank you @kalishane

A man can hope

Nice set of questions. I’m looking forward to seeing links right next to each of the qs with ‘ANSWERED HERE’

Here’s hoping.

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You can see kalishan typing a respons tho…

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And some of the most important questions have been answered allready with horrible responses

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Hi Final Boss!

I would love to give you answers to these, but we don’t have set dates right now that I’m aware of.

I can try to give you any insight I have on these things, but I want to start it off by saying I really am not sure.

  1. We want to get there but I am not sure how long that will take.
  2. " "
  3. I know we’re working on new gear maps – I expect I’ll have more info on when after the holidays – but I’m not 100% sure, it could be sooner.
  4. I am not sure about this, I remember a designer saying this was something we wanted to do but I haven’t heard about it and they are no longer with us.
  5. It might possibly be apart of the gear maps we’re creating that I refer to in question 3, but they’re still in the development process.
  6. We have a team looking into this currently. Someone from IUGO should know more!
  7. We were talking about this very, very recently – I should know more Monday. I believe we’re revamping it.
  8. This will probably be answered in the Q&A. I don’t know.
  9. We want to! Not sure where that is now with all the other things we want to improve on.
  10. We want to – this is similar to the one above.
  11. I don’t know what the plan for this is.
  12. I haven’t heard about this.
  13. I don’t have a date for this yet.
  14. They’re trying to find ways to source more food to players.
  15. We’re looking at ways to help the sentiment around the Level Ups! I’ve gone into more detail in other posts about it.
  16. Faction Assault was designed to be the best resource for Ascendance items. We’re taking a look at rebalancing Assault Tickets.

I think the best takeaway from this is – it would be great to have more help on the forums from different departments. That being said, like most game companies, we don’t feel comfortable giving dates as almost always, something comes up and the date is pushed. Dates will always be giving in official blogs but I can’t say to expect them from one-off dev posts in the forum.

I would love to give you more and more insight into these that we are able to – this is why one of my goals was to get those that know directly to be apart of the forum. But, I also can’t expect that to be something they are willing to do with how things go here.

Please check the Dev Tracker for posts from myself or others for more insight into the topics we’ve talked about on this list previously – only one or two points i’ve mentioned offered anything new. I do answer what I can when I see it – but it often gets lost and the only thing heard is “no one every answers and they ignore” – please use the tools to help keep you as informed as possible.

I don’t always have the time to sit down and spend an hour going through a post with the same questions – I promise i’m not ignoring you – but the forum is only a small part of my job as a CM.

Thank you all! Feel free to PM me if you have any questions. :slight_smile:


@kalishane That’s why I tried to compile all of these into one place, to make it easier than looking through 30 different threads. The reason people were looking for specific answers to these questions is pretty simple. There has been a strong pattern of avoiding them, changing narratives, and being vague in what seems like an effort to avoid accountability, stall player decision making, and string people along with hopes of positive changes. The answers we often get are vague time frames that could encompass multiple months, things will improve(but we haven’t seen any evidence of this in months), or I’ll get back to you(which brings is back to one of the first two answers). Frankly, players are tired of being told, it will change, we are ready for change, and it seems like everyone wants to know when it will quit being talk and start being action.

As it relates to developers, producers, etc. I’d say that @CombatMan @CombatDevIl and @TheWalkerDude are all treated reasonably well and members of the site treat them with respect generally. That’s largely because of how they interact with the community. They don’t beat around the bush, they simply provide the information they have available to them, directly, concisely, and the information is consistent(i.e. narratives never change). That goes a long way towards having people appreciate and value their contributions. I have no reason to think other scopely employees wouldn’t be treated the same if they followed suit.


I’m reference to 4.) Weapon parts map…this was already a map thats been creaTed and used many times. It’s been so long since we’ve seen this I can’t actually remember when. Sometime this summer. Not sure what u mean by this is something a designer wanted to do.
Also direct me to thread if I’m wrong but where exactly is the details about current 5* on the list that are not able be released due to being too strong for the meta or something along this line. I read a brief statement from you yesterday but wasn’t sure where the detail was that you spoke of.


I saw this metioned in a post from a past designer on an old forum. That’s the only time I heard about it so I don’t know much about it. It must be before my time.

I hear you, there’s a few of these – and I thought Pheonix was compiling something too?

It just all ends up getting lost in the chaos of the forum.


I realize this feels this way but, I feel the only answer to this is for me to post much less, and only when I 100% know something. All of these observations are directly the cause of me not knowing 100%. I don’t mean to string people along at all – we have a lot to do, and because I am more on the ground level with you – I am normally involved the closer we get to launching something.



Probably not until the forum is a platform devs can feel comfortable putting themselves out on.

It is my dream though mets.

Also, like I said, no one has a set date until we get really close to time. And no one wants to say the wrong time and be a target because of it. We have to know 100%.

I do my best to give you a head’s up even if it’s not quite 100% because I want you to be prepared for things – but even that bites me in the butt here and there.

The climate of the forum isn’t going to improve until changes happen, so they need to get over themselves and get in here and answer for what they are doing to this game.


You’re not wrong at all Lewin.

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But there is a huge difference is saying. We plan to have it ready by jan 2018, instead of soon or in the near future… we then wait, nothing happens.

You sure gotta have some sort of business plan with some loosly set dates on it.

Most of us loves the devs and welcome em as heros. We just want answers.

Dash hasnt even been looking on the forums for ages now


I guess this is what it boils down to for myself and a lot of other players, and in hindsight, I should’ve made this one number one on the list. We’ve been told for a very very long time that things will improve. That this will change or that will change, but the reality is, we’ve just gotten a lesser experience as time goes on. We’ve been promised change for months, it hasn’t been delivered on for months(save basic things like a calendar and sometimes early info on prizes), so why should anyone stick around? If after waiting months for improvement and change, we can’t get a “things will definitively better by the first of the year”, why should we continue to place faith in positive change actually occurring? Why should I, as a paid user for a product, continue to give my dollars to a company, who hasn’t delivered on pretty much anything they’ve promised this year?


I understand it’s hard.

There’s a lot going on behind the scenes – as I said before. Team changes, fresh blood, lots to ramp up on and still do what we want to do to improve.

I really understand how you feel though.


Unless these changes happened before the first CRW, that just doesn’t hold water with me. The armory launch was abysmal. The first CRW was abysmal. 6* release and the changes following were abysmal. I can’t imagine these changes happening before player experience took a nose dive and if they did, I can’t imagine those people still not up to speed half a year later. That brings us back to the same basic point.

We’ve been promised change for months, it hasn’t been delivered on for months(save basic things like a calendar and sometimes early info on prizes), so why should anyone stick around? If after waiting months for improvement and change, we can’t get a “things will definitively better by the first of the year”, why should we continue to place faith in positive change actually occurring? Why should I, as a paid user for a product, continue to give my dollars to a company, who hasn’t delivered on pretty much anything they’ve promised this year?


Many of the forum people actually praise them because of their straight answers and no BS. Even when we don’t like the answer given they are treated pretty well.

We have welcomed all the devs that have come here pretty well. I would truly like some clarification as to why this is how it is and give us solid FACTS of why.