Questions for those in factions and leading factions

Questions marked with (Leader) are for leaders and questions marked with (Players) are for anyone, if that wasn’t obvious already.

  1. (Leader) What was the hardest obstacles for you starting a faction?

  2. (Leader) Are you the creator of the faction you lead or did you get chosen/2 week leader activity change thing.

  3. (Player) What is your favorite faction event? (Including assault)

  4. (Player) What is the best moment you had that in an event with your current or previous faction?

  5. (Player) What type of atmosphere do you prefer in a faction? (Friendly, Strict, Etc.)

If you have any questions for me or are wondering my opinion/experiences along the lines of my questions, then you can ask.


Why do you want to know?

  1. I joined a newish little faction in a new region and ended up being given leadership by someone who got theirs through the 2 week switch. We now rank in the top 10-15 in events. She didn’t take the game as seriously as me and knew I would have left and taken all the players with me otherwise. As in the rest of life (i’ve Had some shockingly bad managers), leadership just emerges and the people who want it aren’t always the best leaders.

  2. You know what we want you to do in my factions but I just let you get on with it the rest of the time. If you’ve tried to do what we want you to do we are happy for you to stay. I think those are the best type of factions for me. I have a job and life outside of the game so I don’t demand too much from anyone. It’s different if you want to be top. Also different if you play for 5 minutes a week. Go for the faction that suits you.

  3. I have also tried starting a faction from scratch. The biggest problem is working out who you want in it and telling them it is there. It is a big time investment, particularly if you start all by yourself. Really new players won’t know what to look for. It’s also getting high enough up the rep board for people to join. That’s why I think rep to grade factions is outdated. Anyone who wants to play the game joins an active faction, not necessarily a high rep faction. Total rep of players just says how much everyone has raided at some point. Most of the high rep members might not even play any more. The faction ranking needs an overhaul so people know which factions are truly active and good before joining.

  4. Will get back to you after hordes. Blitz war is the best for my factions generally. We don’t have to wait for the 8th player and we get beatable Opponents. The hated onslaught helps avoid the waits but doesn’t have enough need for everyone to work together.

I also liked the faction assaults against negan at Christmas. That was good. We all worked Together to finish them. I think that is an important point. I get why so many events are open-ended eg always one more war or raid, but sometimes people like feeling they finished something and that they are all working together. There’s just not enough of those events in the game.

  1. Finishing tier 6 fa will be a big deal for my main faction. There’s not really any events we still look back on as key points in our faction’s story. Maybe because most of the time whatever event we were in never had a clear faction milestone/end for us to notice and think about. We tend to talk more about the time someone did something. We once had a guy who was playing both sides of cross region war and it is still known as « doing an Otto ». Finishing tier 6 fa or the next faction event might change that. Who knows?

If you asked me the moment which I remember the most, it was the first time I personally finished the survival road Tournament. That was a real achievement because I was measuring my own progress. That is what I see commented on the most often in faction/line chat. « Look. I’ve finally done it. ». You also see it the first time someone gets 200k milestones in war etc. That is what this game needs more of. Faction milestones.

  1. I have been a Leader before, currently I am not ( My Leader is the best in RTS). If you are an established player and you are starting a new faction with other established players the only obstacles you face are managing of different people/egos. If you aren’t established yet, good luck.

  2. I was given Lead.

  3. I enjoy the Faction Territory events. I have seen some fun battles of factions banding together to overtake a held territory.

  4. CRW win that went down to the very last match. We were down points and we figured out a good point stacking system to gain extra points that didn’t depend on the opposing faction feeding us by rebuilding (which they would not have done).

  5. Social but strict.

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  1. All Out War. We get better matchmaking in AOW than in CRW but both can be fun if you fill fast enough.

  2. Last CRW I hit the 200K milestone with about 20 minutes left. I put in a lot of effort and was proud since usually I only get 150K. I think its because our reputation was lower than previous wars and we got better matches

  3. Friendly. My faction let about 12 people from another faction merge in a few months ago and they were strict and most weren’t happy. We finally got rid of them once they started sending death threats, trying to take over, harrassing people, lying, and starting and finishinga faction assault while everyone was asleep and we haven’t recovered as a faction because they keep telling people we’re lying. Reporting them to Scopely did nothing so now instead of trying to win 1st we just try to do our best and we’re having more fun than ever.

Hey, 1. I am actually just very curious, 2. You are very well spoken/written, 3. Your sections on starting a faction and the SR tournament + War milestone section was really inspiring, I hope you and your faction do well my friend.

  1. Yeah, I have had to deal with a few bad egos in the past.

  2. I don’t see that often, cool.

  3. I loved territories pre-leagues, me and my old faction would always try to take 5 star territories just for the fun of it, now there is no point.

  4. Haha, I love those last moment battles, and I love the people who rebuild and feed.

  5. That’s a good way to go.

  1. Good answer, I like war as well, I think CRW is a bit much at times, but I think it’s a positive add.

  2. That’s awesome dude, have any screenshots, that would be an awesome memory.

  3. Damn, that sucks man, hope you all recover, you might have to transfer. I hope you don’t though.

  1. Asked to help lead in nearly every faction I’ve been in. I generally prefer the leadership support capacity.

  2. War. It’s the only event that really engages the faction and players in a strategic and immediately impactful way. All the rest are just just energy draining events.

  3. Numerous experiences but they all revolve around winning/losing when everyone gives it their all. As a number 3 faction, taking one-hand blade Rick lvl tourney from the clutches of the dominant faction was a glorious thing to see. Everyone was commited. Been in many like experiences through my RTS history and those are always the most distinct memories.

  4. Everyone commited at an equal level. Whether everyone’s passive or competitive as long as they have a similar commitment to activity it’s an enjoyable experience. When players aren’t commited at the same activity level, the game can be extremely frustrating for the higher performers.

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  1. Leading isn’t for everyone.

  2. War is pretty much the most exciting event in most cases.

  3. Haha, taking lead is always nice.

  4. That’s a good way to have it.


  1. Starting in Feb 2016, filling wasn’t an issue, however, as we was in the depths of the leaderboard, sifting through the actives, kicking inactives then retaining the big actives in what was still a small faction was the initial challenge. Those who stayed tended to be A) Loyal, B) Still learning and C) Generally nice and shy enough to not move on lol. This feeds into 5.

  2. I was the first to join, but I didn’t create it. The creator disappeared in a week, 2 weeks later I woke up to Leader, having only been playing 3 weeks :grimacing:

  3. Cross Region War. CRW for the ease of matches compared to repeatedly meeting higher unbeatables in AOW. War itself as it’s the event which forces 8 people to stick around a bit and talk in chat, hence it has spawned many chats and conversations over the 3 years.

  4. Probably taking 6th in war (AOW). We were at Rank 7 for about a year and it was clear there was a ceiling between the casual/competitive there. It took a while and lots of team building, but one war we came from 200k behind in the last 24 hours and snatched 6th. We haven’t been back to 7th since.

  5. I’ve only been in one faction, so can only speak for what I experienced. But I like a faction that has established rules, but they don’t take precedence over respect for the people. We’ve not always had competition, but the community’s always been there.

  1. Awesome

  2. Weird, but cool.

  3. I like war in general, but cool.

  4. Hey good for you and your faction man.

  5. That is respectable.

Thanks. I am a lawyer so need to know my way round words and persuasive arguing. I still do it automatically when i’m not working. I sometimes think I must sound like perry mason yelling “objection your honour” every two minutes, even when i’m trying to be nice. Haha

And there you have it: the male/female mindsets in action. Being female, I talked about leading part of a team In terms of how we interact and how we all fit in to it but your other replies (who wrote like they have a more masculine side dominating but apologies if this is not the case), talked about “leading a team to the time we achieved something (by beating someone else)”.

@TheWanderer they know who you are when you join though, right? So your rep will precede you?

  1. Raid. SR is soooooo tedious. LU is a nothing. Because War now seems to be always CRW I hate it. The matchmaking is awful and there is no fun or enjoyment to be had from it. Why spend my weekend doing something that gives precious little reward, either in-game or emtionally?

  2. I really can’t remember one, it’s all been so underwhelming. The one moment of the game that made me happiest was when I pulled my first 5*, green Carl. I think I shouted out with joy. It’s all been downhill ever since.

  3. I like my current faction. F2P and zero pressure. Yes, if you don’t take any part for a while you will get kicked, but there are no minimum scores to achieve. I was in one of those factions for a while, and whilst I could meet the requirements it was no fun. The leader was constantly at us, “take the tower, take the tower, now stack it, attack General camp A first” etc., etc., etc. Regardless of whether or not you could actually beat General camp A. Surely it was better to score some points by attacking a camp you thought you could beat, than to waste your energy getting zero points (there were no points for losing in those days)? I eventually left, the faction went through some dramas and imploded, and hardly any of its members still play as far as I know.

Get the impression that I’m no longer happy with this game? It’s become a chore and I really should give up, but I just can’t at present (though CRW is slowly getting me to that point).

#5 that is a great statement!!

  1. The hardest obstacle for starting the faction was recruiting at first. I am currently the colead of my faction, but was the previous leader. When we first started out we were small, and the region was relatively young and new.

  2. My current lead and I started the faction together. He technically created it, and then a couple months after he gave me “leader”. I have tried to step down previously and only successfully did so about 2 weeks ago. Personally, I see the title of leader as being nothing more than a title. I think and believe leadership can arise from any part of the faction and believe that we encourage that.

  3. As a player I love to war, favourite event to get “free” things and learn how to beat tough teams.

  4. It’s hard to pick a best moment with my faction, I believe we have had many great moments. Ranging from our recent 4th place finish in crw, to our faction rising in our region and being both fun and competitive, to having players who have retired decide to return to play and play in our faction.

  5. I enjoy a a fun but competitive faction. One that create a positive environment that people can grow in, but also compete in. We have a pretty democratic faction that tries to hear out every player as best as we can

Epic lol (Edit: I had no way to respond, but goodjob becoming a lawyer)

  1. I can see why you like raids, well versed.

  2. Green Carl is best Carl.

  3. I like the no stress environments, but I am a more casual player, I can see why people play competitively, but I also prefer no stress.

Hope you start feeling better about the game, I also don’t like CRW that much, but as people sarcastically say “Keep Surviving” since that’s what it seems like at this point to many.

  1. That’s what I would expect.

  2. Hey, that’s a good way to look at it.

  3. War is my favorite too, it’s pretty fun.

  4. Hey you are one of the lucky ones who ended up being on top (some what).

  5. Fun and competitive, sounds awesome.

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