Questions for the community: Constructive and positive


This is a thread to share your experiences with the game. Please be honest, and share with the community. Thought this would be an approach to make things better for all of us. If the leaders see all the responses, they might figure something out for the better. :blush:

The questions are:

  1. When was the first time you started playing this game, and why did you choose this over all the other games in the play store?

  2. How exactly did you find out about this game? Was it a friend, Ad, commercial on tv, etc?

  3. What do you like about this game?

  4. What do you dislike about this game?

  5. Is there anything in the game you’d like to change or add to make the game better? If so, what is it?

  6. Do you see yourself playing this game in the future? Yes, or No, and why?

  7. What rating out of 5 would you give Scopley as a company? Please explain why.

  8. What rating would you give this game out of five? Explain why.

  9. Do you feel Scopley treats all of their player base with respect, and takes their ideas, suggestions, and thoughts into consideration?

  10. Who is your favorite toon to use in the game? (Choose one)

  11. What is your favorite weapon to use in the game? (Choose one)

  12. What is your favorite trait, and buff in the game. (Choose one of each)

  13. What are your favorite events and things to do in the game?

  14. Do you feel the forum is a positive environment for the player base to go on, and do you feel it creates a huge impact on the game becoming better in the future? Yes, no? Explain

  15. How many years have you played this game?

  1. A little over 2 yrs ago

  2. Searching for a different Twd app

  3. A lot less than I used to but I’m really only hanging around for my factions mates. And more and more quit weekly.

  4. I could write a term paper on this but I’ll write a quick summary. Lies, greed and arrogance.

  5. Again this will be touched on in depth from other posters but prizes and honesty are the calling for today at least.

  6. Probably not. Faction mates and I are checking out a game not yet released yet but we have plans to all switch once it’s ready.

  7. 1/5. Horrible planning, customer support, and customer satisfaction. And they don’t care if you’re having fun playing as long as you’re paying.

  8. A yr ago? 4/5 Now? 1.5/5

  9. Lol is that question a joke?

  10. Always loved my double yellow sandy team.

11,12. There’s not one I could pinpoint.

  1. War but without proper prizes, it just becomes a 3 day grind/job.

  2. If Scopely would listen the anger would be considerably less. Trolls on both sides of the issues don’t help either. The anger towards Scopely is a powder keg ready to go off every time now and Scopelys really does nothing to stop it.

  3. 2 yrs


Awesome, and #9 thought it would fit the question. Haha. Player thoughts and opinions are very needed. It won’t only help us, but get their attention.


Haha that’s ok, I got a good laugh at it here at work.


#1. First I started playing 2 months after the games release and chose it because I love the Walking Dead.
#2 Found it on Google play
#3 I like the game because of the friends I’ve made while playing it.
#4 I dislike the glitches, bugs and constant pop ups.
#5 Changes I would like to see are, way to decline offers, a way to clean up the screen, i.e. hide icons such as shop, etc., expansion of my town and new world stages to play.
#6. I’ll play until my faction falls apart. They are like my family.
#7. 1* for scopely, just due to so many mistakes and miscommunications. Honesty is the best policy and I think that isn’t too much to ask.
#8. 3* for the game itself. Its always been fun, love the graphics and comic lines. War has always been my favorite. I despise level ups now.
#9 I believe that scopely believes they take our concerns to the team, that they are doing the best they can. It comes across as callous and unfeeling a lot of the time. But our angry backlash must feel the same to them. @kalishane has done a great job keeping communication alive even if she has a thankless job.
#10. My favorite toon is 5* red Cain. I’m still proud I won him in war.
#11. My favorite weapon is my yellow absolute knife. Took several tries and was thrilled the day I got it.
#12 My favorite trait is Neutralize.
#13 War and Faction raids are my favorite events
#14 A I think the forum has created an impact on the game in the past, dont know if it currently has influence. I hope so. As to a positive environment I am so so on that thought. I would like to say yes just because it brings us together, but often it divides us.
#15. Been playing 2 years


Why would my thread be closed? This is constructive and not breaking tos guidelines. You’re just derailing the thread. Geesh.