Questions for Scopley and the Developers


Just wondered if I could get a few answers to some questions I’ve been thinking of.
There’s things I don’t quite understand and even a answer to one of these questions would help,

Scopley. A lot of players see you as a evil company…
Like any company you need to make money…
But why aren’t you more open with you customers?
Most players make there own assumptions and these maybe worse than the actual truth but you rather avoid questions and let the answers be made up and do more damage.
This is what creates the poison in the forums…sometimes a answer maybe profit…players would make there own assumptions anyway so why not tell the truth and be seen as open and more honest.
If you are actually Evil company…why not try to hide it more?
Just doesn’t make sense to me.

Hoping for openness here…the main questions below.

Why not tell the truth about rewards and put the subject to bed?
Giving out exclusive 5s and 6s to winning factions I don’t believe will ever happen again.
Reasons…profit, back log on design’s, the eventual death of regions due to the top faction ruling…
Why not let everyone know?

Truth…about old 5s getting 6 versions.
Why the hold up?
Why the secrets on holding onto them?
Most have seen the new ones…wouldn’t it be best to address the issue?

Why not provide more rewards like Benedicts as rewards to increase the worth of rewards and having more people Ascending?
There are players not pulling for 5to 6s due to not having the Benedicts.

Why has balancing the game always been a issue?
Like a fear of it…?
Sometimes it could work in your favour on a profit point of view but you don’t bother.
You’ve made money from weapons and everyone who will pay to take advantage of the poor weapon system that allows 5 Stun weapons on a team have already. Why aren’t systems in place to make the game fairer and more fun?
A bit of imagination and some cleaver rules could lead to more money making possibilities.
Why not turn the chances of status’s occurring down?
I choose not to use multiple weapons like this as I feel it’s cheap and having played against it…it isn’t fun…
Active skills can only do so much…especially at this early stage.
Same with characters. You could have more people pulling for Aplhas and Beta…but you allow players to use 2 Shivas or Tyrease…why? You make less money…

The power boast…
All you needed to do was what you did with ARs and making them usable at low AR levels.
Why stick with a power boast that haven’t done you any favours.
You think people will stop using 6s if you put it back to normal?
It wouldnt change a thing money wise (more likely improve 5
pulling) but make people happier and help free to play players alittle more.
6s at tier 2 and 3 outmatched 5s easily…people were seeing this but you came in and messed things up.
It wasn’t needed…not for profit and not for the game.

The offers.
I know you can’t be serious if you think these offers are good or helping spenders out.
There awful and make the company look worse.
Why not make offers that encourage people to spend?
If it’s a good deal…limit it. Limit how many players can get or how many are available to the region.
Get people wanting to spend…instead of making them disgusted and not want to spend out of principle.

The average player is getting annoyed…including spenders…about the lack of food.
If you trying to make money from this resource it’s a waste of time and not worth the damage it’s doing to the average players happiness.
Maybe it’s hard to fix.
There’s a quick fix that will help until a way forward has been produced.
Have Guts that are made with wood sell for food.
This would help ease the issue until a trade centre and more farms are available.

Scavagining Missions
There’s money to be made from these.
Buying new options, having a more reliable mission progress to encourage coining for Xp.
Why isn’t this a priority…theres money to be made and it will make players happier too if done right.

Supply Points
The good old supply points.
You give loads out in War and exchange event tokens.
Why not encourage people to earn these by updating the store?
There’s money to be made to refresh the depots and even buy supply points (again needs to be fair and handled properly)
You can help the players while having players maybe buy a few here and there to get something quicker.
It can’t be that hard to update…right?

Price restructure.
Basic and weapon wheels need reduced cost.
It’s not good to see basic wheel cost that much for pulls. Atm there not worth 10 coins a pull.
The basic won’t effect profits and weapon reduction may help…most spenders have weapons sorted…5 Stun, 5 Impair etc… ugh…so they have little reason to spend anyway.
Weapon pulls are mostly iron pummels and grooved grips…there not worth it,

Future of Survival Road.
With 6*s having no personas…the thought and strategy of picking characters to fight with is reduced.
No challenge = less fun and dying enthusiasm for the mode in the future.
Was this thought about?
Is there a plan for the future to help with this potential issue?

6s High Attack, Buffs and Status everywhere
So Attack stat on characters is normally the highest stat.
A lot of times on tanks too.
Why was this decided?
Did play test reveal battles went better this way?
A lot of 6
s ARs use buffs and status’s…
I know there active skills to combat this but…is it going too far with weapon status on top.
How will battles play out in future?..because at the moment…it seems really messy

Is there any sort of future plan?
A direction to take the game?
A lot are worried that you don’t know where to take the game and haven’t thought through how the desisions you make now will effect the future.
Wouldn’t it be good to ease fears?
This would increase profits.
If you truly don’t know what to do…wouldnt it be a good investment to hire someone who does know how to sort it out while increasing profits. I’m sure there’s potential devolpers out there that can…maybe it would be worth the larger salary they may require for the long run of the game. (Profits included)

Finally. Hackers and Cheats.
Is this a problem that you didn’t want to address due to cost or effort?
Does cheating and hacking help profits?
Why weren’t measures put in place to avoid this?
Are there discussions on how to better tackle this in the future?

I think that’s it.
Would love some feedback to better understand the process’s and hopefully a question asked or idea will help the game in the future.
The game is just that a game.
But there’s so much invested by people in this…time, effort, money…
Friendship and rivalry’s have been formed…it’s important to a lot of people.
I know you know this but I bet it helps to be reminded sometimes.

Thank you.

Bring LiveOps here


Faction Assault.
It seems broken.
A faction I’m apart of tried one.
But in the third round every time any member attacked the game would crash.
They had to retreat and lose all there tickets.

When is a fix going to be available?
Should others be warned about attempting to do a Assault?


I wholeheartedly agree with everything you’ve said.
Everything that has happened in the last 6 months or so is all their fault and they don’t really seem to care…but when they do wake up it’ll be late.The game is a mess.


I haven’t got any of the Scopley staff or developers names to @ them to this topic.

Could someone do this for me?

Even if they don’t answer the questions I’d like to know that they read the post as it took some time to think and type out.

So please help me out.
Once I get a reply even if it’s a “we will take your concerns to the team” or 1 question answered.
I’d be ok with this.


So many questions. I’ll try to help!

Rewards. I said what I know recently but, giving 5* ascendables out right now would put a giant wave of them out at once and we want the game to evolve at a healthy pace. That being said, I will continue to give the feedback and share these sentiment regarding the 5* rewards. I imagine you will see 5* rewards before 5* ascendable. But I can’t confirm.

6* versions will be coming – we have a lot to tackle, employees out of the country taking care of sick family members, the holidays, new team members that have to ramp up, etc. However, I have heard we will be introducing these more so soon!

Benedicts* I think we did for War right? I will continue to share this feedback.

I don’t really understand the balancing question.

I can’t really talk to the power boost.

I can’t really talk to the offers. We have an idea what items are worth to people and we iterate on this constantly. If you don’t care for them, exit out.

Food – we know it and we’re trying to make it more accessible.

Scavenging missions – I just started really using them and I love them. I agree, they need an overhaul. It’s on the list but no timeline just yet.

Supply Points – we should update the store! Also on the list. No date yet.

Price restructure – not sure if that will happen.

Survival Road – needs all new maps to allow 6*s – that’s a lot of work. Will take lots of time. No ETA right now. But, you’re right! We should be updating it.

I can’t talk to balance again – don’t know enough about it.

Hackers and Cheats – we meet weekly on this and share info daily. There are a few things going into place soon to help curb this but it’s going to take a lot of hard work to implement everything we want to.


Thanks for answering as many as you could.

I appreciate it.