Questions and Issues


First: Why does every third tier stat upgrade or replacement (Basic Stats) require a dt and/or pk EXCEPT hp. Seems to be a bit of a disconnect.

Second: Why can a 5* upgrade tiers while on a scav mission, but its ascended 6* form cannot?

Third: When are we going to get completions to various half finished parts of the game (Town, Gold Radios, Story Line for example).


Lmao, I know what started this thread :stuck_out_tongue:


I would assume, as I know someone who tried to ascend a toon while on a scavenger, it’s because they are becoming a new toon technically is what we concluded. Different rush, active skills ect. Same as on premiere wheel you can get the 5* one with ability to ascend or the 6* version. Technically different toons. On the other stuff I don’t even have an educated guess


No hes already a 6*, but you cant upgrade the tier. (Faction Mate of mine pointed it out as he has someone in scav now under this umbrella)


Ah ok misunderstood. Not sure if I’ve tried it or not but I won’t if that’s the case!


I wouldnt. Yeah i didbit with 5*s but thisnis a whole new cake if thats the case… which sucks because we all ‘know’ that shouldnt be the case.