Questions about Chris

Does Chris bound weapon slot 3 effect really help much with gaining ap? Would stun be better to add? Without a huge bonus to attacking lead for him his rush is too slow. Does Chris’s rush of 3 basic attacks does he benefit from his weapon effect of ap gain? Does having the triple attack rush hurt him more by making him able to trigger other slot 3 weapon effects? Should i bother with Chris or t4 my other Alpha? Alpha is already t2.

Imo, Alpha is bettter. Faster rush, wont trigger 3 slot weapon effects and her aoe rush can take out an entire team. Out of the 2 green decaps we have, which do you think is better and why?

  • Alpha
  • Chris

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Both are situational.

But I gave Chris 35% atk when enemy over 60%. He’s better at eliminating a target with potential for up to 3 targets. Like that he will finish the job.

Alpha is great if you have alot of kill shots lined up at one. But she can also come up short.

I prefer Chris and have run both.


if you have an attack up and defense down toon then alpha if not then Chris especially if you have a disarm, when I used mine his weapon gained AP all the time and always rushed turn 3, but you need to disarm his target before his rush as his 3 attacks can cause him to be stunned/impaired or blocked by AD weapons if not

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also reflect damage mods on the enemy will kill him if they proc on his rush

Alpha is more of a AOE combo while Chris is single target.

Both have their pros and cons depending on the setup you use.
If you have a disarm, the combo for Disarm+AR can just rekt any as a good duo

Both. Do both.
Chris 3rd slot ap gain will give u around 70ap when his attack goes of. 20-30 a hit. So turn 3 he goes of then every other round.
While reflect, stun and other effects can get chris as said above the use of a disarm in attack teams is essential these days and stun mod.

Chris’ triple atk rush work good with stun weapon

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