Questions.... (15 chars)


what does this mean?? Lol


It means you’re at risk of demotion.


Yea but what does that mean? Demotion??


Definitely headed for the not dedicated list!


leagues probably.


Lololol. (Complete sentence)


Maybe I’m the new league system you might be going down a tier


Hmmm good idea. Thanks.


Yea good idea thanks


Watch out, lol, you might demote yourself! ToH without Maisie as the leader?


Lol yea hun but I’m not leader anymore anyway!


Wait, really?! Why, though? You’re super active, super social… is the new leader any of those?


Im taking a break. Still playing but not as much. Yes she is she’s my friend irl.


She’s a very nice person. Waaay better leader than me. :slight_smile:


Good to know, lol. Best of luck, have fun on your break!


Ty hun :slight_smile: you don’t chat as much on gc or do I just miss you all the time? Lol


Oh, I do chat on GC, just not as often as before. School’s started up, and currently I’m all swept up in that. But yeah, lol, I haven’t seen you in a while, either.


Ahh ok. I’ll catch you one day! Haha. And gl with school hun. :slight_smile:


Aww, thanks! Hope your time off is great!


Ty hun :slight_smile: