Question with Willie's AS

So I’ve got a faction mate who is curious as to if willies active skill can set off a revive strong weapon if he kills them. None of us want to 5* a weapon for that simple test so we were hoping maybe someone has or the content creators could test it out. Thanks in advance!

You don’t need to 5* a weapon for revive on his weapon. You can find default 4* strong weapons already with revive, or simply craft a tier 3 revive.

But to swap it onto willie wed need to 5* his and that weapon. So I was hoping maybe someone else had done it already so no ones precious tokens were wasted

Oops, was thinking Willie’s weapon was already 5* and he wanted a 5* revive.

it happens

I thought about this and I might test it once I get around to 5* his weapon

I feel that in order for the Green Revive weapon to proc, it has to be with a basic attack or an AR that does damage that gets the killing blow. So I don’t think AS would count.

The Green Revive existed before AS skills so I’m not sure if they would include kills from an AS into the weapon’s effect. Curse you! Now i want to test this out for science lol.

What weapons have revive by default?

This bad boy

I might be missing something but how does his AS kill anyone? It gives him 100%ap and removes penalties from enemies

Combined with trauma, cleansing penalties can kill an enemy.

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Oh, I got ya. I’m glad I asked

It’s not the weapon killing, it’s the trauma.

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Ohh rayos, ahora me dieron ganas de probarlo.
Va a tocar reiniciar el arma y sacarle la mejora de revivir para probar jajaja

No it won’t trigger since the trauma damage is not attributed to Willie the character.

Trauma, bleed, burn, exhaust and infection are not attributed to a specific toon - the weapon doesn’t come into play at all for these abilities to kill the target

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What about payback/bide specialists?

Eg: what if Wayland was given a revive weapon and Payback kills an enemy.

Nope because the damage becomes flat damage and a “random” source. I’m sure there’s a more technical term for this. But payback definitely not and bide same thing. (tested both with Wayland and Cam)

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It’s useless, they’re only revived for 1 turn then die again

They don’t die after one turn… they lose the defence bonus after one turn