Question will I make it to 40 Gold Bricks without Social Club in 4 days and 11 hours

You get 10 a day with roadmap and free so you should

Unless they stop the roadmap early which they usually do a day early for most events. Should be a date somewhere when they are stopping things.

Yeah maybe takes 14 hours for it to refresh

The grapevine says that gold bricks will be continuing

next class S will require the same parts, so chill out;)

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Also, it is not called “Social Club”.

It is called “Suckers Club”


Lol that’s funny

They might not do it this time, if the gold bars continue for the next free toon - can just let people continue building.

Collection expires Friday evening, right around the time war starts. Might see the new toons around that time - builds some pressure to level them immediately for an advantage during war, and might sell some trainer offers, especially to SC members who already have the gold bars to upgrade them.

That makes me think yeah friday morning I should be getting my last gold bricks so

The bricks are continuing but the knives end at the same time and may come back as a different collectible for the new character. Not only that the next one may only have 22 as well so they may have to choose between which character to T4 rather than both.

Hmm so we get another free s class

And what or who is it

That’s what I’m assuming if they are continuing this system but we can only wait and find out how scopely can fuck it up

Knowing Scope, however, they will keep gold bricks but no longer allow the knife collection but migrate that to something else.

Certainly possible, but it would be extra work for them, with relatively little benefit. Not sure where I’d put the odds, probably not much higher than 50%.

Get the SC trial so you get extra gold bars, next toon may need gold bars but they could be used for a different collectible and knives collection may not come back

But then he will be even more behind on the next toon. PANIC

I thought $-Club. But your name fits aswell :wink:

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