Question to the Staff/Community

Hi everyone,

i’m new to this forum and sort of new to the game. I just recently picked it up again and gave it another run.
Love it so far and am planning to play it for a longer time.

Now here’s my question:
I wonder if watching ads (like a crazy person) to get some coins can lead to trouble?
I’m on vacation for the next two weeks and am planning to make some coins by watching ads.
Now i know there is a certain limit, how many ads per day one can watch,
but i noticed after clearing the cache of my device, this limit gets reset.

So again, i really don’t wanna risk loosing my account or anything,
especially since i got my first “green” Carl (No Turning Back).

Sorry if this question sounds stupid, or if it got asked before, i couldn’t find anything relating about it.

Cheers and thanx,

P.S. If the game continuous to entertain me, i will invest some “real” money, no crazy amounts tho^^

No it won’t cause any trouble, watch as many as u can and clearing the cache won’t affect your game if u linked to facebook. Happy holidays.

Hi Locky,

thanx for the quick reply!
I’m indeed linked to my facebook, let’s watch some ads then i guess^^

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I don’t think you can have an in-game related issues from exploiting ads however tapjoy have blocked peoples accounts in the past which means they can no longer get coins through ads/promotions etc. so there is a risk if you say watch 1-200 videos a day. I’ve done 60 from time to time as I just do 30 on different devices and not run into any issues.

If you decide to spend a small amount, the best option is probably the monthly pass. It’s the best reward and if you keep up with the videos/promotions can get a couple hundred coins a day without issue.

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Hey Lockdown,

thank you for your detailed answer.
I was trying out some of the tapjoy-promotions, however most of them are really a pain in the a… to complete.
Some of them did not even reward me. Even created a tapjoy account to have a better insight of my rewards.

Oh well, i might really stick to 200-300 coins per day, thats still quite useful.
As for your suggestion, the 30-day pass is definitely where i’d start to invest.

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I normally go for the “install and start game” promotions, or get your HQ to like lvl5 in a random game. if you havent done those before they can reward well, if there is a final fantasy promotion there for you it can go up to 3K coins, if it is still there.

Yea did some of the big ones already. The final fantasy one is tough tho, probably takes days/weeks…
One more question, since i don’t have another android device, do you think it’s safe to play on emulators?
This way i could make 200 coins per day on eath device…

A lot of people play on emulators. The Final Fnatasy one takes like 24-48 hours, attack world monsters for resources I think and concentrate production in stone/metal. Dont bother doing the quest production sequence, just click your HQ and see what needs upgrading to get it to the next level each time. Well worth it for the coins :slight_smile:

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how come?


Thanx again mate!
Will have a look.

Because after some time offers stop with coins. First you get delays then some offers are gone missing and finally all offers are missing - ergo tapjoy banned you (no matter what it says in tapjoy app, they are on eternal pending). Also I have no idea how many videos can you watch per day, I can watch 5 - no more, no less.

So if you want to play actively spend or be casual, up to you.

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Your very welcome @Silant, if your looking to complete offers I’d recommend doing the surveys, I just completed 4 and received nearly 400 coins. I don’t trust the rest, reckon I’m still owed a couple of thousand bit the surveys for some reason seem to pay me straight away.